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G2 Cloud, Galactic Core explosions, Dr. Paul LaVio (Read 2475 times)
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G2 Cloud, Galactic Core explosions, Dr. Paul LaVio
Dec 16th, 2013 at 2:44pm
  A very interesting development, and something to keep our eyes on in relation to the changes that many sources have referenced. 

  I was redirected by guidance back to Dr. Paul LaViolette, a systems scientist with a strong emphasis on astronomy, astrophysics, physics, and Consciousness.  While being a hard scientist, he is not a conventional, mainstream thinker.  In fact, in many ways would be considered radical.

   Anyways, one of the interesting things happening right now, is the astronomical observation of the G2 Cloud which as we speak is being pulled into the Galactic Core.  To the best calculations of astrophysicists, the closest approach should be around April or so. 

   Most astronomers, astrophysicists, etc. don't think it's anything more than a cool show.  But based on his research, Dr. LaViolette believes it may be a lot more important and affecting than that. 

Because of the behavior and traits of this dust cloud, he thinks it's very probable that there is a Star occluded within this dust cloud, and since most Stars in most systems are actually binary, it's likely that there are two Stars within the cloud. 

   If this is the case, then he thinks it's very likely that these Stars can add enough matter to energy reaction to the Galactic Core, exciting it to it's active phase which he has done a lot of research on such past cycles which the major ones happen about once every 13, 000 years, the semi major ones happen about every 6000 years, and then there are little hiccups which happen roughly about every 500 years. 

  For us, it's been 13, 000 years since the last major one, and about 700 years since a minor one.  These leave their traces in ice core samples, tree rings, etc.  In other words, we are over due for a major outburst, and even over due for a minor one. 

   What's developing now, may be the tipping point.  In reality, this actually happened some 25, 000 years ago and we are now just observing it physically.  This is because the Galactic Core is about 25,000 or so light years away from us. 

  Well enough intro, here's a couple very worthwhile links to worthwhile interviews relating to all this.

  In the above, skip ahead to minute 16 to start to get to the good stuff relating to the above.  Note that Paul towards the end, gives a clue to the kind of man he is...he subtly hints at the supreme importance of Love.

  The below is an older interview, but more detailed, with the interviewers asking better questions.
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