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PE to improve various abilities; PE-Devel4 (Read 2547 times)
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PE to improve various abilities; PE-Devel4
Sep 6th, 2012 at 4:28pm
This a call to do a PE, more info follows below.

For some of my ideas related to this PE and PE activities in general,
see this -> link (where the PE template also is commented).

Name of this PE and its activity dates & times (24 hour clock):

- PE-Devel4.sess01, 2012-09-15 19.30 UTC+0 (Saturday, 11.30 AM Mountain Time)
- PE-Devel4.sess02, 2012-09-16 19.30 UTC+0 (Sunday)

- PE-Devel4.sess03, 2012-09-18 20.00 UTC+0 (Tuesday, 6.00 AM Mountain Time)
- PE-Devel4.sess04, 2012-09-20 20.00 UTC+0 (Thursday)

- PE-Devel4.sess05, 2012-09-22 19.30 UTC+0 (Saturday, 11.30 AM Mountain Time)
- PE-Devel4.sess06, 2012-09-23 19.30 UTC+0 (Sunday)

Prerequisites: None

Activity: In this PE the focus is on developing our various abilities by the
help of group energy.

We will do our PE activity on the lawn of the garden next to Vicky's house. I
don't know too much about the garden, but it's mentioned in this recent PE thread.

I don't know how people reach a PE destination, but I got help from a guide on
my first visit to the lawn of the garden. Today I'm not even sure it's Vicky's
actual garden anymore, it could be a completely nonphysical area.

We can stand in a circle on the lawn or we can sit on chairs. There are plenty
of garden furniture.

My idea with the previous PE (PE-Prep3) was to fix any problems first, which
could be corrected in a group activity. This PE is for the next step, to develop
our abilities.

A football team with a football player who has had a broken leg, which now
has healed, can now begin train that player as his leg is functioning as it
is supposed to do. The football player can now develop his abilities.

Football players with no damages can of course begin training right from the
start, without needing to go through a "healing" period.


Now to some specifics.

Should we do any preparations ourselves? Well, doing a Monroe REBAL or Moen
energy breathing, perhaps gather PUL, could probably be a good thing. At the
garden lawn we could intend various things, like fill the area with Love
or positive energies.

Once we have gathered we could wait a few minutes to see if any guides begin
doing anything or initiates any activity. Perhaps someone will appear?

Otherwise I think we should be specific in our requests to, as a group, visit
some place or experience something which will help us develop our abilities,
be it nonphysical or in everydays' life.

My suggestion is that we do the following:

- I will manifest an "object" in the middle of our circle. The object
will be visible for a minute. The object will be withing the confines of
a circle with the diameter no more than 10 meters. If you don't like this
exercise, you just skip it. If anyone manages to pick up what I'm thinking
of, that will be a great success. Smiley

- Each manifest an object in the middle of the circle, inside the energy
fountain or similar.

- We then request to be taught remote viewing. This has to be done with the
help of guide(s). Exactly how they go about, I have no idea.

- If the guides want to move us to a different place, we will most likely
go as a group, unless people gets other signals.

- Develop knowings. For example the guides could show us a man in a town and
at the same time send us the knowing "this man is a race car driver".

- Get group help to develop nonphysical sense, like nonphysical sight or similar.

- Be open to anything else.

Explicit participants: (not mentioned here, may be stated in a later post)
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Re: PE to improve various abilities; PE-Devel4
Reply #1 - Sep 11th, 2012 at 7:07pm
If anyone wants some more PE times, like later in the afternoon, please write a post
on this thread and I'll announce those times added to the PE.

The current times, early in the U.S. mornings and noons on weekends are mostly
due to me being in Europe. If U.S. afternoons are better for some people,
I'll add some times for that too. Problem for me is that I can't do PE at
those exact times, as they are in the night for me. Smiley
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Re: PE to improve various abilities; PE-Devel4
Reply #2 - Sep 24th, 2012 at 8:30am
Nothing special happened in terms of PE. I did do two short retrievals, one
where a guide emerged and made me follow him to a stuck person in a
very barren landscape. The other retrieval was on a fishing boat.

But on the PE side, I have had very few experiences. One is from a quite boring
kindergarten building, but where things were more fun inside than on the outside.
I remember I was little and played with a big pale ball on the soft floor. There
was a few other kids there too.

I also remember being in a park where some young adults were running around,
laughing and having fun. So I got it that perhaps I take this PE too seriously?
Instead I should try to have more fun?

Other than that, it was extremely difficult to get any images flowing of a PE
setting as I have managed to do before.
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