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PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3 (Read 6793 times)
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PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Aug 13th, 2012 at 6:41pm
This is a call to do a PE, more info follows below.

For some of my ideas related to this PE and PE activities in general,
see this -> link (where the PE template also is commented).

Name of this PE and its activity dates & times (24 hour clock):

- PE-Prep3.sess01, 2012-08-16 12.00 UTC+0 (6.00 AM Mountain Time)
- PE-Prep3.sess02, 2012-08-17 23.30 UTC+0 (Friday, half hour)
- PE-Prep3.sess03, 2012-08-18 20.00 UTC+0 (Saturday)

Prerequisites: None

Activity: We will do some work on ourselves in a group, by the use of group
power to solve personal problems, emotional hindrances, do healing, clear
away obstacles, remove energy blockages, etc.

We will do our PE activity on the lawn of the garden next to Vicky's house. I
don't know too much about the garden, but it's mentioned in this recent PE thread.

I don't know how people reach a PE destination, but I got help from a guide on
my first visit to the lawn of the garden.

We can stand in a circle on the lawn or we can sit on chairs. I think there are
plenty of garden furniture there by now.

Our goal is to help each other by the help of group power from the PE activity
to among others:

- Help each other overcome or reduce internal or external problems or hindrances
- Do healing to each other, both physically or emotionally
- Reduce or remove blockages of any kind, energetic, emotionally or other
- Help each other reach new insights and knowings
- Remove or reduce worries, fears and unneeded concerns
- Help each other with healing on friends or related persons we worry for
- Become aware of less useful beliefs if we have such things
- Help each other to open doors, to which we can continue the work on our own
- Request help from guides

The reason to do this is to make future PE activities more likely to become good
activities. Compare our work to a football teams'. Assume the football team has
one football player with a broken leg. Before the team can play any football,
they have to make sure that their player at least has had his broken leg
healed. (The next step is to train him to regain his leg function, but
I leave such improvements as target for other, future PEs.)

I expect most people in modern society to have gone through moments or things
which need attention, that's one of my reason to propose this PE.

If we for example have a lot of concerns for someone we know, who is very ill,
we may have problems focusing on any nonphysical activity. If we experience
physical pain in our left foot while do a meditation session, that can also
prevent us form doing much useful work.

Our first or main task is to "repair" ourselves or reduce problems or obstacles
in front of us or inside ourselves. And we are going to use the power of the
group to do this.

[Things which we can heal on our own or by our guides, we probably will deal
with at other occasions, on our own. But in this PE, my basic assumption is
that there exist certain problems which we can't deal particular well with,
on our own. We need the power and the abilities of the PE group.]

I'm a little unsure if we should keep groups smaller than 3 persons. I think
we should not be less than 3, meaning that 1 person receives healing, energy
or whatever, and the other 2 persons send healing/energy/whatever.

If this last assumption is wrong or you don't like it, please deviate from
it. Perhaps you will perform successfully on a 2 person basis, one is the
"healer" and the other is the receiver?

Now to some specifics.

Should we do any preparations ourselves? Well, doing a Monroe REBAL or Moen
energy breathing, perhaps gather PUL, could probably be a good thing. At the
garden lawn we could intend various things, like fill the area with Love
or positive energies.

How long should we do healing, send energy or whatever to each of our target
persons among our fellow PE participants? I don't know. I can't concentrate
on doing healing on a person for more than 1-2 minutes, then I have to take
a break before I can resume.

Perhaps we should keep the attention this short, 1-2 minute on each "target"
person? Or maybe we can go on for longer/shorter or even keep a time
variation depending on whom we act upon?

Next question is, should we have a specific order of the individuals who receive
healing etc? I'm less sure about this point, but just to make a starter, we could
have a list, but feel free to deviate from it.

We should probably also send energy attention to friends and related people of
each target person. If we assume that Moen also participates on one of our PEs,
an attempt of mine to make a list for healing, etc, could be:

- Send healing/energy to Vicky
- Send healing/energy to Vicky's friends/related people
- Send healing/energy to PauliEffectt
- Send healing/energy to PauliEffectt's friends/related people
- Send healing/energy to B Moen
- Send healing/energy to B Moen's friends/related people
- etc.

If we assume that each energy-sending attempt takes 1-2 minutes, it will take
about 6-12 minutes to go through the short list above. Once the list is moved
through I don't know how to proceed. Perhaps some guides will point us to
repeat the energy sending to certain specific persons in the PE group?

Anyone is welcome, please tell us in this thread if you join. Smiley

Explicit participants: (not mentioned here, may be stated in a later post)
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Re: PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Reply #1 - Aug 13th, 2012 at 8:19pm
I'm definitely in.  I like the idea of having some structure to work with and working with the group energy.
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Re: PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Reply #2 - Aug 19th, 2012 at 9:07am
Thursday, PE-Prep3.sess01, One-Eyed Man

I started a little late compared to the official time, but I don't think it
mattered too much. I began at "my place", moved around there for less
than a minute until I ended up on a different spot compared to last PE.

There was a female guide, I think I've seen her before as she reminds me
of someone related. My surroundings changed little after little until I
could see that I probably was in Vicky's garden.

I moved to the place where I the time before had seen the yellow toy/machine
on the lawn. It was there, and I sensed the outside of the house so I was
probably at the right place.

Moved forward where I think I last time sensed Vicky moving the people at
the previous PE. Yes, there were white garden furniture there. Despite me
being late, there was still some unoccupied garden furniture to kind of
tell me that there still was plenty of room for more participants.

I did some energy breathings and took in the surroundings. During most of the
session I had a lot of physical head movements, but only a few feelings of
the physically felt goose bump energy movements. I was lying down in the
physical during the session.

We seemed to be several people in a circle, some were perhaps standing others
sitting on chairs in Vicky's garden.

In the middle of the circle a "fountain of light" emerged. It must have been
3-4 meters high and energy seemed to flow through the fountain, probably
both upwards and downwards.

We entered the fountain of light/energy/stream/whatever and directed healing
to one person at a time, we followed the order suggested in the original
post, and also sent healing to some friends of the participants.

I could feel a slight coldness in my physical face, despite it being quite warm
here as it's summer and sunny outside. The coolness I took as being some
sort of energy movement.

We healed an old lady who was smiling.

I also noticed small fragments of "used up" stuff exit the person in the
fountain. The fragments kind of left into the air and dissolved. The places
where the fragments left were replaced with new healing energy inside the

I remember us then joining a circle, with some of us on the inside and some of
us on the outside. We held hands with our left and right arms crossed in a sort
of unusual form. The persons on the outside of the circle only held hands with
persons on the inside of the circle. The persons on the outside had their fronts
towards the center of the circle, and the persons on the inside of the circle
had their backs towards the center of the circle.

I was on the inside, my right hand holding the right hand of B Moen (who was
to my left, being the outside of the circle). Moen's left arm was crossed over
his right arm, holding someone's left hand to my left side.

My left hand held held Vicky's left hand, and she was to my right side. Her
right hand held someone's right hand, to my right side.

We then kind of span around in space, bopping energy along the circle. If this
circle formation appears again, I from now on call it the Criss-Cross-Circle.

I got the impression that we kind of were done with all people and asked if any
guides had an idea for us to do something more specific?

We then began over again in the garden, sending energy to one person at a time,
letting the receiver stand in the middle of the fountain and us sitting in a circle
on the outside. I think there was something like doing NEW to Vicky's toes and
fingers and moving moving some energy to the base center, as well.

I then saw an old man who resembled me of Jesiah, a person I think I retrieved
some time ago. But this man was more fragile and had sort of only one eye. He
scared me. Was he my fears? He stood in the middle of the fountain.

We sent a lot of energy to the one-eyed man. He continued to stare at me making
me feel a little uncomfortable. Was he an Aspect? I hugged him. He was quite
slim and seemed fragile. No special reaction. After some time having sent him
a lot of healing and positive energy and PUL, he slowly turned away and was
gone. I don't know if he was a metaphor for some fear of mine.

I saw the old lady again, the smiling laughing one, we again sent her energy.

Then a big black dog emerged in the middle of the fountain. It looked tired
and low on energy. It had big floppy ears of the kind children may pull if
they not are taken care of. We sent the big, black, tired dog some energy.
It moved its head a little looking around and sort of looking a little sleepy.
The dog had beautiful shiny black fur and a sort of saggy face.

Somewhere around here I felt finished. I thanked everyone and shook
their hands before leaving.

Friday, PE-Prep3.sess02, Unreliable Real Life Woman

In this session I went directly to the lawn at Vicky's place. It took me
some moments to get a clear hold on the garden, so I focused on whatever
item I thought was a toy on the lawn, the previous time. It didn't seem
to be a toy, perhaps the item was some part of a garden equipment?

I saw large windows and a door perhaps at the kitchen side of the house then
moved forward to the area where I thought people would gather.

I saw an outdoor steak table, but it was not used for meat. There was some
kind of big cake. It was sweet partly made of chocolate and syrup and most
likely lots of sugar. It was almost too sweet to eat.

Just to see if anyone did pick up on me, I demonstratively ate several large
pieces of this very sweet, sugar, chocolate cake. My impression was that the
cake was made by someone participating in the PE.

I said hello to everyone I thought could be there, shook their hands. The
event had the feeling of a picnic. We didn't start with the more serious
business of energy work for quite some time.

I also saw a small black dog, very young. I think it was of a different breed
than the dog on the event before, or that it was its younger self.

I briefly saw Vicky, then the small dog playing with a ball at the grass. Someone
raised a water hose and sprayed water over some area of the event and we walked
through the water.

Some of us just sat down on the lawn and there was people talking. I realized
that this was different from the time before. There was a much more relaxed
feeling to this event. I was happy, I walked through the water spray and like
a child I rolled around on the grass.

Then suddenly...

A person, a woman from my real life, a very unreliable woman, let's call her
the Unreliable-Real-Life-Woman (URLW), was sitting on a cloth and talking to
everybody.  She seemed to get everybody's attention, just as in real life.

I can't stand her, and we have never been friends. I know I can't trust her
and that she treats people like chess pieces in a game. What was she doing
here, at the PE?

I got a silly good impression of her manners, more clear than anything else.

It was really creepy, much creepier than the one-eyed man at the previous
PE, which I in fact managed to hug and send PUL.

I sat baffled on the lawn for several moments, then felt that this couldn't
go on. If she was the creation of my guides, she was beyond what I could stand.

It wouldn't be able to perform or do anything sane while URLW was there. I told
my guides that I was sorry, but I just couldn't muster her or enough PUL to
keep her there.

I made a clear request that URLW had to go from the party.

It was like she got sucked away. Only a slight residue of her presence was

We now gathered in a circle, Vicky's garden grew into a park area, with trees
at a distance and small pathways ahead.

The fountain of energy raised up in the middle of our PE circle, most people
sat on white garden chairs. I noticed the presence of an old time ball, the
kind where nobles and aristocrats gather.

Several of us, perhaps all of us stood up and moved closer to and perhaps into
the energy pillar fountain. I could see several people in fancy clothes dance,
like they were at a royal ball in a huge ball room. They had expensive suits
and dresses, and very expensive jewelry.

I had a hard time sensing the garden/park anymore, it was kind of gone.

Several times I saw a "lady", a woman, who looked like an old movie actress
suitable for the fancy royal ball. She had a long expensive dress. I saw her
face close up several times, but she wasn't anyone I knew. The feeling was
of something in middle Europe or London 150 years ago.

Eventually I got it. I invited her for a dance and we, the aristocrats, began
dancing waltz. We move around in circles with a lot of other people.

Now the garden/park came back. We dance men and women in pairs like waltz
dancers around the energy fountain which now shot up very high in the middle
of our circle of people.

The Session now followed a pattern similar to the previous session.

First Vicky, then a friend(s) of Vicky's, then Moen, friend of Moen, then I,
some friends of mine, then a randomly selected participator and then the
friends of that PE participator, etc.

Sending healing energy went on for some while. When It was my turn the small
black dog moved close to me and sniffed at my feet for a few moments, then
moved on to other matters on the lawn, completely ignoring our activity.

The dog was really cute.

The session ends and I tell everyone that if people show up later, just call
for me. If I'm sleeping I will try to enter from my dream state.

I shake everybody's hands and leaves the session.

I go to "my place".

I ask some guide and get my Stephen Fry guide to appear. It was quite some
time ago he decided to appear. I ask him why in the world the unpleasant
URLW appeared?

Stephen Fry talks to me, first he is calm, but when I don't get it, as I
can't pick up his words, he becomes agitated and shakes his left arm out
into the air, he points with his left index finger and very upset tells
me something.

I don't get it, more than it's "very important". I so hope that he will
give it to me more explicitly as a "knowing", but nothing gets through.

I take it as I got a lesson and failed with it.

Perhaps I was to overcome some hindrance at the PE? That's perhaps
what it all was about? Or was it my interaction with other people I
don't like? Not sure at all.

Perhaps I could get the full lesson in sleep, as I dream. I think Stephen
Fry is so upset, because whatever it was, that thing was the most important
thing for me right now.

I exited the session.

Saturday, PE-Prep3.sess03, Alien

I went directly to the lawn and found the steak table with the extremely sweet
sugar cake. There was plenty of big cake pieces, newly baked for everyone, some
of the size of a small brick. Behind (or beside) the steak table there seemed
to be a dark green hedge and not veneer fencing boards as I first thought, but
the hedge could be a completely nonphysical construction as well.

There was several people there. I greeted everyone by shaking their hands.

This time I placed myself in the middle and acted much more as the host of
the PE event. There was a lot of garden chairs around me. The feeling was
different this time, more target on a goal.

I think I said hello to about 10 people. Than I counted the empty chairs
and at least 8 empty chairs were left at the PE circle, so there are lots
of open places for anyone to join. I said hello to Moen as well. The chairs
nearest the house had been taken first. I choose one chair a little
further from the house so we would spread out more in the circle.

We all sent healing into the middle of our circle of people. No one was in
the middle at a start. The pillar of energy began to raise in the middle
several meters thick and quite tall.

I tried to use some of that energy to get info on a missing person in a
country close to Sweden which the papers had reported about, but I got
no hit.

Someone entered the middle of the circle and we sent energy to that person.

I was thinking about the unpleasant woman, URLW, who was at our PE the session
before. Now it wasn't as unbearable if she would show up. I didn't see her
but somehow a piece of her person was there anyway, I sensed her but more
in the shape of a guide I've seen before. Perhaps a guide had impersonated
the URLW? The feeling soon faded or some guide helped me get rid of the
feeling of her presence?

Our surroundings seemed larger than a garden now. It wasn't the full park feeling
as of last time, but the area outside our circle of people and garden chairs was

I noticed some bushes at a distant. Strange neighbours Vicky had.

I saw two persons, or rather two aliens. I got a good look at one of them and
it/he (I got a slight male feeling) had a large head, two big black expressionless
eyes, almost no nose and a tiny mouth, a slim neck and a naked child like body.

An alien?

I must have been watching too much sci-fi lately. This alien must be a creation
of my mind. In fact they seemed to be two aliens, but only one looked at my
direction. The other alien went about some business at the ground which I
couldn't see as the grass was to tall.

I tried to ignore the alien impression at least three times and concentrate on
our energy sending work in our PE group. But the alien came back into my view
again and again.

So I asked the alien: "What are you doing?"

Alien: "investigating."

I got the impression that the alien was here to find something out. Either observe
something or perhaps collect something from the ground. But one part of me got the
impression that the alien was here to observe human behaviour.

So I told the alien we had a healing get-together and asked him if he would like
to join, just to know what we were doing?

The alien entered our group and placed himself at the edge of our circle. I pointed
to Moen and told the alien that Moen had been to F 34/35, so perhaps the alien
knew who Moen was?

Alien responded: "Never seen him before."

I invited the alien to enter the middle of the circle, where the fountain pillar of
energy continuously was rising. The alien went into the middle. We sent him
energy and PUL for quite some time.

The alien got a very funny expression on his face, almost like a kid tasting some
new food the first time, not knowing if it/he likes it or not. The alien really
looked surprised and a little in disbelief at what he experienced.

After a while he moved out of the energy fountain and returned to his place at
the perimeter of our circle. I now encourage him to think of someone he would
like to help or who was important to him.

We could now all see a new (a third) alien appear in the middle of our circle.
I got the feeling that the new alien was sort of female in nature, but looked
almost the same as our alien in the circle. They had no gender specific physical
attributes, so this was my Interpreter working it out.

The new, female alien didn't seem to notice us as we sent energy and positive

I asked the alien: "What can I call you?"

Alien: "A... A... Edvin."

Me: "Are you sure? Sounds like an Earth name. Edvin? A Edvin?"

Alien: "Yes."

I wondered what the "A Edvin" meant and what the "A" was standing for? Could it
be a joke, like "A = Alien"... Alien Edvin? Later I realized that the name was
probably indifferent in both English, Danish, Swedish and perhaps some more
languages, so perhaps "Edvin" wasn't picked at random?

I then asked the alien: "What are you doing on Earth?"

Alien: "Abduct people."

Of course. It was a grey alien, so what had I expected. This could clearly be
a joke from my guides. I asked the alien: "Why do you abduct people?"

Alien: "I have been told to do so."

Me: "Hmm... So you do what you are told without questioning it? Go about
abducting people, just like that?"

Alien: "Yes."

I asked: "Would it be possible to visit you in F 34/35?"

Alien: "Sure. Anytime."

I suddenly realized that I in that moment would be able to try going to F 34/35,
but then knew that I couldn't leave the group. I said to the alien that it had
to be for another time as we were occupied with this energy work of ours, but
I would like to visit him some day.

The alien responded that he understood.

The alien sent some kind of message to me that he would leave. He then exited
our circle and went towards his friend, who was still working around at something
on the ground a fair distance away.

I was a little surprised to say the least and had to talk to someone about this
event. I turned to Vicky and asked her: "Wasn't it strange that an alien appeared
in our PE like that?"

Vicky showed a funny smile and responded: "What alien?"

Surely she must be joking. Everyone had seen the alien, no doubt about that. Our
group then proceed with sending energy to one person at a time, in the same manner
as the two previous times. Only one special thing happened.

When we sent energy to an old person who I know, who has problems walking, that
person moved about somewhere indoors. As that person walked, the energy fountain
maintained that person in its middle so everyone could see that person clearly.
The only thing that moved was that old person's home surroundings, where some
parts moved out of sight as the old person walked and new parts of the room
entered our sight as the person moved forward.

Looking into the energy fountain was like looking into a scrying device, like
a fairy witch's crystal ball.

Eventually we finished. I said bye to everyone and had to rest a little. I sat
down on one of the chairs and just enjoyed the peace. The small black dog came
up to me and placed its front paws on my legs. I patted it a little before
I left and moved to "my place" for some moments. Then I broke up
from my session.

I wonder what the alien meant. I guess that I'm personally done with group healing
for a while and perhaps should move on to the next step whatever that could be?

Those three encounters, the One-Eyed Man, URLW and the Alien Edvin. They all
meant something, but perhaps only to me? Where they tests or obstacles I only
could overcome with the help of group energy or a group surrounding?

I may have forgotten some details. If I remember such details, I'll add them
later into this thread.

Thanks for your participation. Smiley
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Re: PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Reply #3 - Aug 19th, 2012 at 1:18pm
(I knew there was something I forgot.)

Right before Alien Edvin left, I wondered to myself how I was able to understand
him without needing to use the beep-and-click-sounds Moen had to use in F 34/35.

I said: "It's like you are talking a human language. How can I understand you?"

The alien answered: "It's in your imagination."
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Re: PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Reply #4 - Aug 19th, 2012 at 10:17pm
Please forgive me, but I got caught up in family stuff the past couple days.  I have not read your thread yet and will do my part to see what I can perceive and participate albeit very belatedly.

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Re: PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Reply #5 - Aug 26th, 2012 at 7:46pm
Hi Pauli,

I still have not read your report up above because I still intend to try and hit our intention.  Having a head cold this past week has had it hard for me to focus. 

On my first attempt I know I didn't hit my intention, but I did get an interesting OBE.  I might as well share it...


I tried my OBE technique in an attempt for quick results but fell asleep and was dreaming in the hypnagogic state or had an OBE.  I instantly was consciously aware as a point of consciousness in what looked like an un-finished home.  I knew I was on the second floor landing and my point-of-consciousness vantage point had me very close to the floor.  I could see a short hallway from my line of sight which led to another bedroom, and I saw a woman walk to the doorway and close the door.  I knew she couldn't see me, but I felt that my sudden presence had caused her to feel uncomfortable and scared.

I immediately was thinking, "What does this have to do with Pauli's garden PE at my house?"  The question technique is a way to hold my focus of attention, and I was also genuinely curious why I was consciously here instead of seeing the PE setting, but it didn't work to bring me to my intention.  Instead of moving to the PE focus of my house, I was still focused there in that point-of-consciousness, consciously looking around my surroundings.  I wondered why I'd be present in a house that (1) clearly wasn't mine and (2) was part of the home that was unfinished.  The floor was subflooring and bare.  I also noticed a few splotches of white paint as if the room had recently been painted.  "So, whoever's house this is, they are renovating it," I thought.  I looked down as far as my line of sight could take me from the point of consciousness I was in without moving, and I saw a doorway with three small steps leading up.  I wondered where it led, and then I heard my son's voice calling me, "Mom?  Mom?"

I thought to myself, "He's not physically calling me, so I wonder why I'm hearing this?" (My son wasn't physically present to be actually calling me).  And that's all I remember.  I physically woke up after this.

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Re: PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Reply #6 - Sep 6th, 2012 at 11:50am
Hi Pauli,

I know it's been some time since I replied, but I haven't gotten much in the way of PE.  I admit I haven't been too focused trying.  When I do I realize I am not focused enough and the effort isn't enough to allow me to really feel phased there.  Thanks for the focus of healing energy on me.  I know it has a way of doing good for the person even if they aren't consciously aware of the effort.  I hope we can get more participants and conversation going.  I need the group energy vibe to help get me focused. 

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Re: PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Reply #7 - Sep 7th, 2012 at 11:25am
I've yesterday made call for PE-Devel4 which has a slightly different goal than
this thread's PE.

I think we all change over time, so sticking for too long to an old PE has
less value (in my opinion). Vicky, I'll make a call for a new healing PE at
a future time, either before or after Christmas 2012. Hopefully some
more people will join. Smiley

This is just my assumption: I think it's best to interact with our most developed
selves, meaning our current selves. (Some people may argue that we can
interact with our "future selves", but I'll leave that possibility open until I
know more.) There could of course be other possibilities, so anyone - please
feel free to give your input.

So - my "old" self may be encountered in this healing PE, but my current
self of today is mostly aiming for the "development" PE-Devel4.

I will perhaps return to this healing PE target a few more times, as I've
left plenty of calendar days until the next PE.

As I've also made some more visits to this healing PE, things has changed (and stayed
stable) since my final report was made (see above). What's most striking to me is that
each time I've imagined visiting your garden it has appeared in a more strict way. The
hedge has been more defined and surrounded the whole garden, the lawn has not been
as big. We have been fewer people gathering, between 4-6 individuals. The only exits
from the garden have been either the door into your house or through a big garden
door close to the house at the left side of the back of the house. I think this later
Vicky's Garden is a completely new nonphysically-only-garden.

Vicky, it's almost as your garden has gotten the appearance of being more
"sealed in", as there have been fewer decorations for me to observe and
the action has been simpler too. Further, I've gotten the feeling that the
setting of the garden and what has happened during the healing sessions
kind of urge me to go onwards with my next step, too the degree that I've
gotten the impression that my guides even encourage me to skip some
step (which I won't do as I simply want to follow my original plan).

If you at any time reach a "simple" PE garden, you probably have reached
the garden in my later PE attempts, and not the original huge garden
described in my report above.
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Re: PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3
Reply #8 - Sep 7th, 2012 at 11:36am
Well, maybe I should add this as a side note. The alien...

When the PE group sent healing and PUL to him in the group session, Edvin
looked something like this (perhaps not as sullen, but more kind of unsure):

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