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2012 Prophesies From Around The World (Read 3585 times)
Ralph Buskey
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2012 Prophesies From Around The World
Dec 10th, 2009 at 1:08am
Greetings To All

   Here is an excellent website that has links to prophecies from different cultures and races:

Scroll down until you see the following list with links:

Hopi Indians (Hopi Blue Star)
Aztecs (Aztec Prophecy)
Incas (2012 Prophecy)
Cherokee (Cherokee Prophecies)
Maoris (Maori Prophecy)
Dogon (Dogon Prophecy)
Seneca Indians (Seneca Prophecy)
Essene (Essene View)
Izapa (Izapa Prophecy)
Pueblos (Pueblo Prophecy)
Zulu (Zulu Prophecy)
Hindus (Hindu Prophecy)
Tibetean (Tibetean View)
Egyptians (Orion Prophecy)
Chinese (I Ching 2012)
Kabbalah (Kaballah Prophecy)
Quero (Quero Elders Prophecy)
Sumerian (Sumerian Texts)

   I knew that there were numerous prophecies about 2012 but was surprised at how many sources are involved.

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