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The Perceiver and the Interpreter (Read 602 times)
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The Perceiver and the Interpreter
Jun 13th, 2021 at 7:38pm
Hi everyone. I'm new to this board and joined because I read Bruce's "Voyager" series some years ago and am finally deep into "Afterlife Knowledge Guide".

One thing I found to be very insightful is the concept of the Perceiver and the Interpreter. It's something I've often thought about, but never too deeply. In looking over my dream journal I notice there are some characters that are people I know, past or present, and some that I don't. Even in OBEs, there is occasionally someone that I know in the picture. I always wonder if the character I encounter is really that person or is the closest thing the Interpreter can match to what the Perceiver is seeing. I'm very curious as to how I would discern afterward if the characters are really who I think they are or just the interpretation. Also, if the characters are just an interpretation of the closest thing I know, why is it that some characters are unrecognizable and also not interpreted as the closest thing I know? Any thoughts? Thanks.
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