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A simple "airbag" theory of Life After Death (Read 1976 times)
George Hammond
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A simple "airbag" theory of Life After Death
Jan 4th, 2021 at 9:50pm
   I am a 78 year old physicist (MS 1967) and wish to
present my discovery wch I claim is the world's first,
and only, simple, scientific explanation of the
phenomenon of Life After Death:

     A simple  "airbag" theory of Life After Death

        You may find this paper on my Academia
         edu website with a simple Google search
(as a newbie poster I am not permitted to post URL's)

   This presentation is only 713 words long and is
illustrated to enable easy comprehension
   Since most readers are not graduate physicists the
first question you might have is "What do your qualified
scientific peers think about this?".
   Fortunately I have been able to obtain the opinion
of the world's leading authority on microtubule-brain
research and  I include here an email I received from
Prof. Stuart Hameroff:

December 3, 2009
Professor Stuart Hameroff
Center for Consciousness Studies
U. of Arizona
Dear Professor Stuart Hameroff
<snip.. copy of my "airbag-microtubule"
theory of Life After Death>
Stuart, do you think this airbag-microtubule
theory is possible?
George E. Hammond, MS Physics

return email:
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 09:43:23 -0700
From: Stuart Hameroff, U. Arizona
To: George Hammond
Cc: Frank Tipler, Tulane U.
Dear George Hammond:
I believe downloading and Afterlife are possible.
Stuart Hameroff

   Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose are world
famous for their publication of a microtubule theory
of consciousness in the Philosophical Transactions
of the Royal Society, so we have here the opinion of
virtually the world's leading authority on the subject
that, yes, the theory is "possible", in his professional
   For those of you who would like to investigate the
matter further, I have written several papers on the
subject wch are posted on my academia  edu website,
along with my CV,.
          Sincerely yours,
George E. Hammond MS physics Cape Cod MA USA
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Re: A simple "airbag" theory of Life After Death
Reply #1 - Jan 12th, 2021 at 10:04am
In event you haven't already done so, you might want to contact Dr. Bruce Greyson about your theory.
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Re: A simple "airbag" theory of Life After Death
Reply #2 - Jan 23rd, 2021 at 1:37pm

If your theory says that NDEs don't do anything to prove the existence of the afterlife, you might reconsider how you spend your time, because you might be barking up the wrong tree.

Back around 1980, when I was an atheist, I had an NDE like experience without a related death event, and during this experience it became very clear to me that God and the afterlife exist. I was connected to a way of understanding that our brain couldn't replicate, no matter how many neurons fired. As this experience took place I compared my old way of believing with my new way of understanding, and it was soooooo clear that my new way of understanding represented what is true.

Since then I have had many other spiritual experiences, and it would be rather pathetic of me to dismiss what God has graced upon me, because of one person's intellect base theory.

If you read NDE accounts with an open mind, you might be  curious if something more than a lot of synapse activity takes place. Could synapse activity enable a person to experience a life changing life review of not only what happened for himself, but also for the people he interacted with, in a very detailed way?

There is also the matter of some NDErs experiencing events at locations other than where they were located as their NDE took place, and they were able to later verify what took place at such locations.

I've had such verifications in my own way. For example, I live in California, and on three different occasions a spirit being told me that an earthquake was going to take place, and a short time afterwards, for each occasion, an earthquake took place!

During meditation I've experienced divine love numerous times, and it is clear that what I experience, isn't created by my brain. Such love includes feelings of respect, gratitude and humility that couldn't exist if there wasn't an actual being that such feelings could be directed towards.

Raymond Moody M.D., one of the first people to research and write about NDEs, wrote a book called "Paranormal-My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife." In chapter 12 he wrote about some of the findings of Dr. Michael Sabom. Dr. Moody wrote:

"Sabom, a cardiologist in Georgia, examined the claims of thirty-two patients that they had left their body and watched as doctors performed resuscitation in the emergency room to restart their heart. He compared their descriptions of the resuscitation procedures with the educated guesses of a control group--twenty-five medically savvy patients--about what happens when a doctor tries to restart a heart. Sabom wanted to compare the accounts of those who had an out-of-body experience to the knowledge of the medically savvy patients.

He found that most of the patients in the control group--twenty-three out of the twenty-five people--made mistakes in describing the resuscitation procedures. On the other hand, none of the NDE patients made mistakes in describing what went on in their own resuscitation."
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