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Overhere, this way is up! (Read 2199 times)
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Overhere, this way is up!
May 20th, 2012 at 1:25pm
Well, I couldn't resist to try again.
Here is the address to my website:

The title is: Spiritual Science by the University of Christ.

This site is based on the books of Jozef Rulof. Descriptions of all his books are there. His introductory books are available on-line and as downloadable pdf files as well.
Some main topics of this work are found in the science section. I can name a few but please click away to this site and try a new gateway to heaven.

The holy trinity of the University of Christ is
Motherhood - Fatherhood - Rebirth
This is how God builds the Universe. This is how a soul receives a new body to continue it's evolution in the physical world.
As Mother and Father people develop their feelings of love.
Love is first limited to the love for the own children, but in a higher stage of development it grows to love for everything that lives.

This love for everything that lives is what gives people Light in the Afterlife. It's very important to understand that.

The masters have been working on our conscious for many thousands of years already. I was very pleased to recognize the holy trinity of the University of Christ in a statue of Ancient Egypt: The Triad of Osorkon II.

Here is a picture of it.
From left to right: Horus, Osiris and Isis.


Some things never change.

Please have a good day.
Mogenblue / Frits Andriessen
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A View into the Hereafter
Only by serving and loving the life of God, the human being conquers his Universe
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