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Looking for "evidence" in the Anita Moorjani case (Read 4284 times)
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Looking for "evidence" in the Anita Moorjani case
Mar 17th, 2012 at 9:17am
Anita Moorjani's book and also interviews about her NDE have revealed a sincere and open and positive person and I have no reason to doubt her testimony, except that her story breaks a lot of rules! Being steeped in science, I am looking for what we might call evidence. Of course, this is difficult as presenting evidence would mean giving out some personal information, which while it would only be yucky medical information, would require revealing more than most of us are ever required to share about our bodies. I can appreciate that she might be a little shy about that. Still, it is difficult to not want to see the data end of the story.

I did find one site where this is discussed and it turns out to have other interesting information. I think it will take time for Anita's "data" to be released. But others are asling the same questions.

And as far as NDE's are concerned, it is interesting to see that there is a journal devoted to NDE's. It is perhaps, not as technical as Science or or Nature or Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, but I bet it is interesting.

If anyone else finds other sites like this I hope they will share them here.
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