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Effect of the Sun and interpersonal Relationships? (Read 2232 times)
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Effect of the Sun and interpersonal Relationships?
Feb 25th, 2012 at 10:11am
Hello All,

I may be imagining this, but simply 'feel' an unusual amount of people around me are quite frankly "exausted in patience", "irritated", "partially irrational in behavior and this behavior has a tendency to change from one min. to the next" ergo "unpredictable in moods".

Does anyone know of any particular effect the Sun may be having on people in 2012? Has this to do with consciousness re-programming?

Thanks for any insight.
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Justin aka Vasya
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Re: Effect of the Sun and interpersonal Relationships?
Reply #1 - Feb 25th, 2012 at 10:46am
  Interesting insights Nanner.   I always know when there are strong Solar flares going on, because i get real tired, foggy, and like you said--my patience is less.  I often later look it up after wondering about the Solar flares, and indeed, almost every time there has been recent, unusually strong Solar activity.   

  One time while in meditation, i asked Guidance about the Earth changes with no preconceptions--this was when i was doing The Monroe Institutes's In home Gateway set intensely, and i had a brief but vivid sort of waking dream wherein i was observing the Sun and it was VERY active, more reddish-orange in tint, and almost felt "angry" if that makes any sense.   

   Who knows about this cycle though.  NASA has flip flopped in it's predictions about this Solar Maximum coming up.  First they came out a coupe of years ago and said that they think this cycle was going to be very intense.   Then more recently they have stated that they think it's going to be a long, but relatively weak cycle.  Personally, i don't trust NASA all that much.  And really, we cannot predict the Sun at all.  We can only speak of past general trends and overlay that to the future, but the Sun is always a wild card. 

  One thing we do know statistically is that during Solar Maximums and during peaks in same when there is a lot of strong Solar Flares, there are higher rates of car accidents for an example.  It seems that indeed people do become more erratic and emotional during strong Solar activity.  Statistically, there is more connection with strong Solar activity and human behavior, than there is with Lunar cycles.

  Edgar Cayce's guidance indicated that there was a two way influence between humanity and the Sun.  That the Sun affected us, but also that we affect the Sun as a collective.  More specifically, the Expanded Guidance that relayed info through him, indicated that when humanity was more negative and acting in a unloving and destructive manner towards each other, that it caused the Sun to have strong disturbances and outbursts. 

  I don't know if that is scientifically true or not, but there was some research done by Cayce researchers who made a case for the reign of King Louis the 14th's era, i believe, which coincided with Europe's little "ice age".   We know there was a lack of strong solar activity around that time, which directly affected climate then and the Earth became cooler for a time. 

The researchers noted that during King Louis the 14th's reign, there seemed to be a relatively peaceful period with less major wars having been fought.  There were some minor and brief skirmishes recorded, but all in all, there was an unusual absence of major, intense, and long drawn out battles and wars.   Some say that King Louis the 14th, despite his personal lacks and errors at times, was essentially a man of peace, and had a peaceful influence on his and on other countries.
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