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Life before life (Little Children) (Read 931 times)
Alan McDougall
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Life before life (Little Children)
Nov 7th, 2010 at 4:30am

There are lots of stories of very young children that still remember what it was like before they came down here to this life. In the book "Life before birth" the authors Peter and Mary Harrison recount that little Desmond first spoke of his other life at the age of three and a half.
He surprised his mother Dorothy one day by telling her, "You know mommy, before I came to be with you, I was with aunty Ruth!" He couldn?t have known that his aunty had had a still born baby about ten years before. She has a hard time talking about it, so the family never mentions it. Desmond told his mum, that it was warm and dark with Aunty Ruth.

When asked where he was before, he replied "I went back home of course--the place I lived before I came to be with Aunty Ruth, where all the nice fields are and all the other little boys and girls." He mentioned there were big people there also that took care of them and that the children played games and attended school. Dorothy recounts how Desmond told her how the children used to play in pools. "But when I asked him if he swam, he answered no."

He explained, "We didn?t swim because we didn?t sink and we never got wet. When we went into the water we just floated on top and the water just fell off when we got out and made its way back to the pool. And we were all dry?

The water played songs for us , but not with words. When we picked up some water, it went tinkle tinkle."

Another day Desmond told more about Heaven as Dorothy was planting some seeds with her son. Dorothy says: "He took my breath away when he told me he used to make his own singing flowers."

When I asked what he meant, he answered: "You know flowers with the music coming out of them."

He explained that he and one of his friends in Heaven had been taught how to make flowers. All they had to do was to think of the flower stage by stage and the flower would appear in the colours he wanted and started to play music.
As Desmond got older the stories of his other home become fewer.

"Now he's six years old, he seems to have forgotten them." Says his mother, "but I am certain he must have had some strange experiences."

Another toddler called Daniel, spoke of his experiences to his mother when he was two and a half, when he saw the sea for the first time in his life.

His mother Greta said, "I thought that his eyes were going to pop out of his head. He ran straight in and started dancing up and down."

Then Daniel told her, "I had to go into the water to get born, Mummy, it wasn't the same as the sea though. It was a river."

Asked where that was, he replied: "You know Heaven, where all the little boys and girls live before they are born. It's where the river was."


Lorna Bradshaw, at two years old had clear memories of being in Heaven before she was born, and remembers meeting Jesus. She spoke about it first time when her grandfather died. She said, "I expect when I am old, I'll be quite glad to die," she told her mother Margaret.
"Everybody I love will be with Jesus and I'll want to be there too."

Margaret asked her where she had met Him.
"It was when I was at my other home before I was born," said Lorna.
"Everybody knew it was Jesus when He came to see us. Everybody talked about Him coming." Lorna's father wondered if she had seen pictures of Jesus before and perhaps confused her present with an imagined past, or that she had simply dreamed about it.

Lorna answered: "Oh, I did see pictures of Jesus, but I liked Him better when I saw Him really."
Her father argued, "But you haven't died yet, Lorna, so how could you know about Heaven?"
"I died the last time," she said, "When I was little I got sick and went back to Jesus."
Her Father asked what Jesus was like, and Lorna's face lit up.
"He was pretty," she told her father,". "He had shiny eyes and He made us all glad."

Great stories  by little chidren, what became before their birth?

Blessings and light Alan

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Blessings and Light

Alan McDougall
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