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Helping with the Haiti Earthquake (Read 2156 times)
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Helping with the Haiti Earthquake
Jan 17th, 2010 at 4:53pm
A few nights ago I paired up with a Helper to see how we could be of help to anyone in need, due to the earthquake in Haiti. As we moved slowly in a darkness that felt heavy with grit and dirt I could hear/sense the crying of many, many people. Babies were screaming, children as well as adults were moaning, crying out for help...but most seemed to be just shell-shocked. I started receiving dark, murky images of rubble, collapsed walls, a great deal of dirt floating around giving off a hot, suffocating feeling. I got that it was a basement and many had been buried by the swift collapse of the building.

I was then hearing and seeing a baby not even a year old, angrily screaming as tears made little tracks through dirt on its face. A golden kind of light suddenly brought its face into better focus and I knew the child was already being taken care of by Helpers. As I wondered about the little one I was then standing next to a woman who was crushed from the waist down, large chunks of broken blocks of cement or a whitish brick material I guess. Rebar was twisted and snaking up into the gloom everywhere. She was crying for her child. She had given not a thought of whether she was dead or alive or to her injuries, she was frantic and trying to call out to anyone to help her child. I knelt down and started communicating to her in calm, reassuring thoughts. I told her her baby was okay and a rescue team was just now arriving. She had no idea what had caused her immediate situation, no memory of anything. I could just make out that she had been wearing a bright red skirt and I think a blue, sleeveless blouse. She was covered with so much dirt and blood. I was holding her left hand to keep her calm when two men carrying a stretcher made their way to her right side. She couldn't stop crying but she was able to look from me to the Helpers (they looked like neighbors, fellow Haitians) and realize they would be taking her to the hospital right away.

I moved away, knowing she was going to be okay, and continued in that area...but I have to get dinner going for a hungry husband and grandson Here in the physical, so I'll finish this in a few.

Much love and I hope as many of us as possible can help. So many have died.

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Re: Helping with the Haiti Earthquake
Reply #1 - Jan 17th, 2010 at 5:45pm
Thats excellent Ginny! Keep up your good work.
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