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Re:Physical Changes and Medical Implications!! (Read 910 times)
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Re:Physical Changes and Medical Implications!!
Dec 19th, 2009 at 10:05pm
Hi All: I posted this warning in an earlier post and have since come up with a maximum safety procedure:

Warning: Those of you who have started down this path, fear is going to be your worst enemy… you will think you are having a stroke or when you go to bed at night you might have what seems to be heart flutters… if you panic and go to a main stream doctor… they will have no clue what is wrong with you… you can spent thousands of dollars on testing that hopefully will show nothing and you avoid surgery or medication… the worst case scenario is that they do surgery or put you on medication and the truth is you are having basic energy movement and you are becoming aware of it… in the case of heart flutter… that is probably the heart chakra engaging… I personally have been walking down the street and suddenly get energy surges and all sorts of odd energy related physiological effects… I welcome them… that means to me that I am unfolding… I am not say not to go to a doctor… I am saying be aware that this work will begin to change your physiology… and you are becoming sensitive to it… do what feels right.


An expensive solution which is the safest thing you can do:

Note: Ideally find a general practitioner who you can safely talk to about the AKG – book and its possible effects.

Or I recommend the following:

1. Get a full physical and CAT scan on your heart and brain… EKG… sample as a baseline, be sure there are no potential aneurisms and the like… deformations and that sort of thing. Rest your mind that physically you are in reasonably good condition and don’t have very specific physical problems…

2. Analyze your past year as to symptoms and the like. And compare the change in the way you are experiencing the exercises and the physical sensations and events which are now occurring in your life… and monitor carefully going forward..

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