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Different Centers in Focus 27 (Read 4486 times)
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Different Centers in Focus 27
Jan 16th, 2008 at 12:43pm
Has anyone made a map or list of different centers available in Focus 27? I'm curious to know what different types of centers there are aside from the ones that Bruce had already mentioned, like the Rehab Center, the Humor Center, the Planning Center, and such. I'm a visual person, so it's helpful for me to see some sort of a pictorial explanation of the area.
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Re: Different Centers in Focus 27
Reply #1 - Jan 16th, 2008 at 9:53pm
Hi LoMein I use images a lot too. I think I use image and sound or language a lot.

hmmm. I have visualized focus 27 as having everything Earth has at present and then some, but minus ghettos, slums, things that we might see in the lower astral.

I've concluded rehab places can look like hospitals or group homes the same. Schools, meetings, clubs, the same as here as the need might arise. I like the library I've imagined but I haven't obed there, I looked at it through another's eyes.

Hall of records or akashic records. Some of us see monitor rooms, to view a person's lives on and/or their latest adventure to review, we seem to create buildings with our thoughts, its a science over there, takes a teacher to teach the art of creating this way. I have seen some lecture halls, auditoriums filled with people while obe. I have benefitted by that. there is the park, seen that. some walkways, benches.
A good book for studying this other place we'll all see soon enough, is Michael, tell me about Heaven. I think I got the title wrong slightly, but the story is her young son died in order to come back to her and describe the place for the book to be written.

I found it highly credible and logical. the best thing to do is sit and imagine what it might look like, how one might move around, how does one move by thought alone, that sort of thing, what it might "feel" like to move like that, then see the like minded together, in groups, try to imagine all these things, and sometimes you might get a sudden memory or tune into it by using the imagination.

love, alysia
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