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The mind is not located in the brain (Read 19036 times)
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Re: The mind is not located in the brain
Reply #15 - Aug 2nd, 2007 at 10:31pm
I agree it is a great board to discover new perspectives. I gain a little insight into Germany, they would seem to be very left brained just like America is into the bottom dollar type of thinking.
well today I read it is the artists are the real leaders of the country, then I also think, being a mom, its the mom's who rule!! Cheesy I mean artistry in a most general way, for there is the art work of the soul and that I am stuff.
I relaxed a bit to discover a spirit world operating nearby back in the late 60s. of course spreading the word is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be!
but as more of us make contact with our greater selves, and/or the guides and beings who are assisting at this time, we should move forward with greater ease to be trusting we will be assisted.

so no need to rush, we have eternity, and at the same time, no need to hang back either.
TMI takes the 2 sides of the brain, left to right and synchronizes a tone to make them both work at the same time. this is how I understand the new man will be, this I would call balanced state of affairs. it appears to me you Pulsar, as well a lot of others here, are also in the act of balancing the two sides.

love to you, we are riding the crest, is what I choose to believe. alysia

addition: u said:The most urgent question that now occurs is: "What was our I before the I-here." And if we could prove this point, the question wether there is a world behind this one would be no question, because if we were before this focus, there must be a focus after this here-one.

logical! the hardest thing it is for any one of us to accept is just the mere mention that we have lived here before, or conjecture that the other life is ongoing, due to nonlinear time dimensions, to see yourself as another person is so threatening that we fear to do that. actually, I see this as a process. no need to rush the process. but one can catch glimpses of other lives, if there is a need to understand that, and then the images can be inserted into your altered state, but only if it helps you live your here/now life constructively, and thats up to the higher self wisdoms.
it is true, just when we think we have arrived somewhere, we find we are still on a journey. and u mentioned seeing is believing, then you later turned it into what I would say believing is seeing.
so there is a secret knowledge in what I just said! haha!
again, happy journeying, there should be no one to stand and block your view.
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Re: The mind is not located in the brain
Reply #16 - Oct 31st, 2011 at 5:36pm
[quote author=6F6C737377652E1C0 link=1184831226/2#2 date=1184895152]Yes the brain is something mechanical, or if not mechanic, then call it physiologic. It means it is a thing like other things, observable, describable. It is a thing we can look at. The mind is not of this nature. I always say, you can search as long as you want, you won't find one thought in the brain.

A person can be paralyzed from the neck down and yet still be fully conscious. I personally think that the central nervous system serves as the primary interface for consciousness in the physical world.
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