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Vibration wave explanation (Read 32787 times)
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Re: Vibration wave explanation
Reply #15 - Feb 8th, 2007 at 11:40pm
My dearest Bets

The loosening of the nonphysical is the funnest part for me -- like swooshing fine wine in circles before savoring the experience. The champagne bubbles are something altogether new. I was not fond of the "vibrations"  which, for me felt like an extreme case of sugar shock! LOL. As I became more accustomed to them, I realized that I could feel them pretty much anyway I chose and one evening, when they started, I simply pictured them as champagne bubbles floating me up and out.

There are many discussions on the various centers. Sad to say, I don't exit from any particular point that I am aware of. I just sort of step out. Even the vibrations are somewhat foreign to me, though I have experienced it. The buzzing, the pop, the clicking, all in my past, too. It is rather hard to explain, but I simple "do" which is more general than I really want to be. I don't associate any form of "effort" which seems to precipitate force. Once you think of it as a kind of force (getting out, so to speak), then it becomes an "effort" to get out. I simply remind myself that I will step out when I am ready...and thus, step out. I have also learned to project my consciousness to other locations while still bound physically. This is a new I'm uncertain as to its potential. I am fully aware of myself in my body, but also aware of a second state which plays out in real-time (so to speak, as time is a costruct created by man).

As to mobility in nonphysical terms, I can experience myself in the "real time" -- walk around the house, take a "snapshot" and verify. I can shift to more non-linear time, which offers me more "now" moments and can experience the past and present and future. My current exploits in my mobility of consciousness has opened up a new door, with which I am somewhat astounded: auras. I have begun seeing auras -- the pink, and only recently a blue. I am not attempting to develop this yet, but I am also aware of those fields around me. My friend (some call them higher selves,  guides or such) told me that I needed to practice more. I expected to be able to see the auras from a peripheral standpoint or IMP them, as Bruce might say, but I see them in my direct line of vision just like any other object. My friend tells me that this is completely normal for what I am suppose to experience. So be it. The only "side effect" to this seems to be my "seeing" various entities in my home from time to time. They are not threatening, just curious. I'm informed that they are my helpers of various types if I need them. They arrive at odd moments and shimmer in and out of my awareness. I awoke one evening and, seeing an entity standing before my bed, walk through him to get to the restroom. I belief I uttered the words "not now" very politiely. I was so exhausted that I simply could not see myself sitting there trying to have any sort of communication.

There is much more to all this for me, but I don't wish to write dissertations on these experiences, which become very complex to explain, though seem very simple when experienced.  Grin
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Re: Vibration wave explanation
Reply #16 - Nov 29th, 2007 at 1:59am
Just reading this thread from 2006. thanks for the diagram Spooky. lot of good stuff here for the ober person or those interested in what the vibrations are that they may have felt while asleep.

thanks btw Eternal Essence, I might add you are far in advance of my abilities and so I may learn from you I'm certain. I do not see visually auras or guides. I hope you don't find it taxing? u seem able to deal with the changes ok.

anyway I now have 3 of Monroe's books, is there a 4rth? I'm going to get around to looking at them again, although the first, Out of Body Journey's, are his earliest counts and far more interesting are the later books I've found.

I have a sort of theory on the various noises one can hear upon take off of an obe.
Definetely there can be connection with the nonphysical sensory, the inner ear, if you will, to be able to be aware of the rushing of blood, as the finer body separates from the dense vehicle, there are also digestive noises to encounter and these can be excessively loud, to produce hiss, click, I believe they are loud because the bodies are sensitised greatly upon discoincidence.
all of this is conjecture of course. the reason I have begun to think there is a physical connection of the sounds to the physical organism is I noticed these days, our light body, or energy body permeates each physical cell, with a type of spiritual awareness, or what I might say is pure intelligence matter, of which the human is, and especially those within conscious development of becoming aware of these bodies and learning to function within one or more of them, not just the physical dense structure of the body.

I remember how thrilling the vibes felt in my younger day but now I see that was soley my own experience. not everyone is enjoying the vibes, but for me, the pleasantness is what made me want to look further into this obe thing.

nowdays, I seldom encounter them and the obes have been replaced with a mind film showing, like watching TV in a way, only I am in the movie.
occassionally, if I am tired and trying to stay awake I will feel an intense electric jerk, like I just stuck my hand in a light fixture.
I seem to be wanting to exit the body for another vista too quickly at such times, and its much too jarring. this me here now, she does like to mosey on over slowly...ah...

have you ever tried thinking with opposite thought to produce your experience? Bruce writes of this ability we have to create this way, where once out of the body, when he thought large, small was produced, whatever he thought, the opposite appeared.

I think I'd like to go out and try that..or maybe I can try that in C1?

cheers! Smiley
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