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Another dream (Read 2379 times)
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Another dream
Jan 25th, 2005 at 2:10am
Hi everyone,
Just had another really interesting dream.  This one wasn't exactly Afterlife related as such, but for some reason when I woke I felt like it had been an OBE or that I had otherwise genuinely achieved contact with the people in it.

My parents have now split up, and although this hasn't happened in real life, in the dream my mother had her own place and I went over there.  I was walking around in the neighbourhood near the house and ran into Tahl D., an Israeli childhood friend who I haven't seen since before the end of the 80s.  The weird thing was, in the dream he'd actually grown up...and I of course have never seen him as an adult. 
Anywayz in the dream he lived nearby with his parents, so I went over there and for some reason (this was never explained in the dream) I ran into another more recent friend in the house, but also someone I haven't seen since around 1998...a very dear friend called Michael.  We sat down at a kitchen table and were talking together...Michael didn't talk directly to me much, but he was joking with Tahl's mother about how long he and I had known each other...he also heckled me about some...substance experimentation which I engaged in a few years ago . (I won't go into that here - the point was it struck me, even in the dream, that because of the length of time since I've seen him, there's no way he could have known about that)  He also mentioned something about us having gone through applying to get into the Air Force together, of all things...I've never tried to join any branch of the military, (I wouldn't have a ghost of a chance of getting in) but it makes me wonder if he tried to at some point.  It was never something he spoke about trying to do...but I'm thinking there might have been a point where he was unable to find work and so saw that as another option, perhaps.
Another person who I ran into at the kitchen table which I thought was weird after waking was Bridgette T., the daughter of an old friend of my mother's, who I again have not seen for years.  In the dream I can remember saying to her that I knew she and I had had conflict as children and apologising...and her telling me it was all right.  In the dream I thought she was Tahl's sister, but on waking I realised she wasn't.

After this period, I went and sat on the floor of the lounge room there and began crying fairly the dream I can remember telling everyone it was because of how much older I've got, but I think the real reason was over seeing Michael made me feel very emotional, and I came close to crying again on waking.
While I was crying, I felt someone put their arms around me and pull me to their chest...Although in the dream I didn't think much of it, when I woke I was amazed to remember that it was Alexei M., the father of a Russian Jewish friend who I had had as a teenager.  He was humming what I thought in the dream was an old Yiddish lullaby, and I stopped crying fairly quickly.

The reason why I thought seeing Alexei in that context was interesting was because in real life a year or two after the last time I saw that family, he and his wife had apparently divorced because he had become physically abusive.  I was good friends with both his son Joel and Joel's mother, so I can remember feeling a fair amount of resentment towards Alexei over that.

I can't really remember much more...after the scene where I was crying, I was talking to Tahl about how seeing as my mother lived there, he and I could probably see each other more often again now.  He told me that although he was glad to see me on this one occasion, he thought we had too many differences and so that wouldn't be a good idea. (although we had both been children at the time, my real world friendship with him ended badly)

I can remember feeling somewhat sad about that, after which I woke up and felt strongly emotional, particularly over having seen Michael again, who I had been very close to when we had known each other.  I also felt a desire to contact one of the people I'd seen in the dream in order to verify whether it genuinely had been a collaborative experience or not, but realised I was out of real-world contact (no phone number, etc) with practically all of them, and so would be unable to do so.

I was reading on last night about how in order to be ready for the fourth density transition we have to do a lot of clearing work first, and while reading this was feeling an intention to do said work.  I very much want to experience 4D...It's curiousity I think and a desire to progress/develop more than anything else...see what comes next, so to speak...I've had a feeling for a long time that the post-Earth Changes society is going to be an extremely positive one, and I have a very strong desire to be alive to see it, and so I think I'm having these dreams in order to prepare me somewhat for that later on.
Anywayz, thanks for listening...
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Re: Another dream
Reply #1 - Jan 25th, 2005 at 1:03pm
Petrus, as I was reading this, I was 'feeling' that you were doing a lot of deep seated clearing and cleansing.  Then when I got to your writing about what you'd read on Ascension 2000, I had what i call 'energy surges' going all through me which means to me.......Right On!  Wink  Good for you.  Smiley

Mairlyn   Grin
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