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Dream with some psychic elements in it (Read 1691 times)
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Dream with some psychic elements in it
Sep 12th, 2020 at 12:41am
Last night I had a very long, very detailed dream with a lot of different elements in it, but what happened over the course of today proved that some of those elements were psychic information.  This is a much shorter version, but here are the main points:

I was dreaming that I was riding in a large vehicle.  I was in the back seat, and in the front seat was my son’s friend to my left, and my son to my right.  I was kind of in between them in the back seat but sitting much closer to my son’s friend’s side.  We were on a sight-seeing tour.

We ended up going to Elton John’s house and it was his birthday.  He came out and said hi and then took us on a tour around the area where he lived, and it was extremely beautiful.  In the dream I thought that I had no idea that he lived in Colorado nor that there were such beautiful landscapes here. 

We went up a mountain and came to a very high, narrow peak, and the cutest baby animals were crossing the ridge from one side of the road to the other.  There was a high narrow mountain ridge on the left side of the road where the bison were crossing over from.  I asked what kinds of animals those were since I didn’t recognize them, and someone told me, “They are bison.”  They were very short and little and I just thought they were so cute!

We drove down the other side of the ridge and came to a round restaurant that had no walls.  When we got off the vehicle I noticed that Shirley MacLaine had been on the tour with us, so I walked and talked with her a bit.  Then I went into the restaurant and saw that my ex and his brother were there, and so was my daughter.  My daughter and I wanted to order coffee. 

Then I was awakened because my phone rang at 6:04 am.  It was the delivery company who was supposed to have delivered a treadmill I ordered a week ago.  Since they had awakened me I was able to remember the dream in detail, and I quickly typed myself an email using my phone so that I wouldn't forget anything.

Ok, so here are the real-life events that proved some of the dream elements were psychic information about today:

The company who was supposed to deliver my treadmill canceled on me and then wouldn’t reschedule!  They kept giving me the runaround, so I canceled and got a refund.  The delivery fee cost me $120 and I had paid up front in good faith, so of course I wanted my money back!  So we made arrangements for my son’s friend Kyle to pick up the treadmill from the store with us and take back to our house.  He has a pickup truck and was happy to oblige. 

The first thing that matched my dream was that I had to sit in the back seat of his pickup which had a front and back seat inside the cab, and since he had a lot of stuff on the passenger side in the back, I had to sit behind him.  So this put me in the same vantage point that I was in my dream.  (In the dream I didn’t know it was him, I just knew it was a friend of my son). And in the dream I knew that I was in a very large vehicle.  Well, his pickup truck is really huge.  I needed my son’s help to boost me up into the cab because it was so tall.

So then the other thing that matched my dream was that on our way back home after getting the treadmill my son was so busy talking that he neglected to tell his friend to get onto the highway on-ramp until we were just passing it.  So Kyle said he’d find a place to turn off so he could turn around and go back.  We were out in the middle of nowhere, but there happened to be a rec center so he pulled into the parking lot and right in front of it was a large sign that said, “Bison Ridge Recreation Center”.  I said, “Hey, this is just like my dream!”  I knew right away that my dream was a representation of that because it was just too uncanny not to be.  And in front of the rec center there were huge fake bison standing on the grass.  When we drove past it, those fake bison were facing toward the right of us, so as if they were walking away from "the ridge" (the building).  And of course the name alone says it all. 

And if Kyle had not missed his exit, then we wouldn’t have driven past that sign, plus the sign was down a side street in front of the rec center and you can’t see it from the road, and you certainly can’t see it from where our turn was because it was a mile away.  So it was purely by accident that we came across that stone sign.

Those were the only things that ended up being connected to my dream.  I even Googled to see if it was Elton John’s birthday today but it wasn’t.  I have no idea why I dreamed any of that stuff…it all seemed so random, but it was pretty cool that some of those elements were based on what really happened today!!

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Re: Dream with some psychic elements in it
Reply #1 - Sep 13th, 2020 at 3:12am

I googled Elton John and Bison and came up with this article from 2010 about the song Tiny Dancer....

partial quote:
"You’ve heard of dairy farmers playing music to their herd to relax them into squeezing out more milk, right? It’s old news.
Well, I just met a bison bull with a penchant for Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’.
We were driving through the Lake Audy Bison Range in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, keeping our eyes peeled (a painful procedure with the windows open) for bison. Just over 40 bison graze this 500-hectare patch of fescue prairie (one of Canada’s few areas of original prairie land), which is split into summer and winter pastures. At the moment, the cows are calving – there are around six calves in the herd as I write – so the bulls are kept apart in the summer pasture."
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Re: Dream with some psychic elements in it
Reply #2 - Sep 13th, 2020 at 11:18am
That sounds amazing re dreaming of being in the large vehicle and seeing some bison. I've had the odd dream with some psychic elements in it too Smiley
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