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Quantum Gods (Read 1080 times)
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Quantum Gods
Mar 10th, 2020 at 3:51pm
There is a book out called the Quantum Gods which goes beyond the usual chat.

[author of the Quantum Gods is Jeff Love]

Jeff is a Master Teacher in something the called the Enlightenment Intensive. The Enlightenment Intensive is a workshop that is roughly about 3 days. This is a western style Enlightenment process that is far better then most Enlightenment processes out in the field today.

The Quantum Gods is about a description of the Qabalah in way that no other has described before. This book goes beyond the usual talks on about life.

Jeff's background in the Enlightenment Intensive expands the viewpoint of the Qabalah.

As expressed on the back cover:
"a radical metaphysical model of the universe which relates the scientific view of the world to Qabalah and personal experience".

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