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Psychic information dream (Read 644 times)
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Psychic information dream
Mar 2nd, 2020 at 12:55am
Once in a while I have what I call ďconscious dreamsĒ.  They arenít like lucid dreams where I would realize Iím dreaming.  Another differentiation is that lucid dreams happen from a regular, normal dream.  My ďconscious dreamsĒ arenít regular dreams.  They are specifically a dream thatís meant to give me information about something, so technically it would be a psychic dream.  But Iíve called them ďconscious dreamsĒ just because in them Iím consciously aware of my normal awareness and aware that Iím being given information.  The information is always given in a symbolic way, not literally, but the information itself is truthful.  These dreams are always dimly lit and full color but vibrant and very rich in quality.  And then the last differentiation is that Iím not a character in these types of dreams.  Iím a point of consciousness observing the dream. 

I wanted to describe that so you can understand this type of dream. 

In my real waking life Iíve been experiencing a sharp pain in my left hip area, specifically in my buttocks.  Iíll just suddenly get a lump there and an extremely sharp pain.  I assumed it was my hormone replacement insertion area that was irritated or infected since it was in the same location.  When Iíd get the pain a little lump would swell up, but then go away suddenly, so I had no idea what was going on.  (The hormone replacement is called BioTE and comes in tiny pellets that they insert just beneath the skin). 

This pain and lump started three weeks before the dream.  I was at one of my chiropractic appointments and my doc was working on the left side glutes when I suddenly had extreme pain right in that area, and I told him, ďOw, youíre pushing right on my BioTE insertion site!Ē  And he said, ďNo Iím not.  Thatís right here,Ē and he touched me there, and he said ďIím over here,Ē and he pushed on the side of my hip again where heíd been working.  He wasnít even touching me where my pain was at but it was causing so much pain where they insert my hormones.  So it really made no sense to me how he could be pushing on the side of my hip and causing me pain in the middle of my buttocks.

Since then I started having that pain come and go, and each time it happened there was a lump that swelled up and the pain was extremely sharp there deep inside me.  When Iíd move to a different position, the pain and the lump would go away. 

I called my GYN because I was so worried about that hormone insertion area, but they said it would show signs of infection like redness or bruising, which I didnít have, and they said it wouldnít come and go like that, so they didnít think that was the source of my pain. 

So after having this pain and lump act up for a few weeks I ended up having this dream in which I was being shown a human skeleton where I could see the anatomy of the bones, muscles, and joints.  My point-of-consciousness viewpoint was zoomed in right in the pelvic region.  And on the left side (from my viewpoint) was a small face sitting right on the sacroiliac joint.  The face was facing toward the left.  I was being told, ďThis is the source of your pain.Ē 

Since Iím a medical transcriptionist I know the human anatomy well, so it was easy for me to be able to tell that that little face was on the sacroiliac joint.  And since the face was facing left and on the left side of the sacrum, I took it to mean that it was referencing the left side of my body. 

So I texted my chiropractor to tell him I was experiencing this frequent sharp pain.  He was pretty concerned so he gave me a phone call.  I described my symptoms to him (but not the dream) and I described the positions I was in and how I was moving when the pain occurred.  He said, ďIt sounds to me like itís your sacroiliac joint thatís acting up,Ē and he explained how it can cause pain in several places due to it affecting the piriformis muscle.  Thatís exactly what I wanted to hear.  I didnít want to tell him about the dream (and I still havenít)...I wanted to see if thatís what he would say without me making that suggestion. 

I thought it was pretty cool how I was given this information in the dream and then having it confirmed that it was right!
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