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Only "Begotten Son of God", what does that mean? (Read 1943 times)
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Only "Begotten Son of God", what does that mean?
May 2nd, 2016 at 4:15pm
(had to make some edits, the feature was gone, so i re-posted it)

In the NT, Yeshua is referred to as the only begotten Son of God. 

  For awhile, that didn't make any sense to me, as i figured we all were children of how could Yeshua or anyone be the only begotten?   

   Edgar Cayce's guidance put it in a different and more material light.  They said it was in reference to physical conception, and not our spiritual, ultimate heritage. 

   Most people born in the earth--their conception comes about through some kind of female-male mating.  Cayce's guidance confirmed that this did not happen in Yeshua's case.

   The interesting thing is that Cayce's guidance seemed to imply that there were two different kinds of non copulation conception. 

   In a reading about a past life of one of his Disk members, Cayce's guidance said that the mother hadn't "known" a man when she became pregnant with this individual, but rather that the "Gods" in the Caucasus mountains had something to do with his conception. 

   "Gods" is an ancient reference to ET beings, which Cayce's guidance also confirmed in a different reading, come here. 

    But when talking about Yeshua's conception, they indicated that it was a different matter.  That Yeshua's Soul, in combo with his Mother and Twin Soul, Miriam and her deep spiritual attunement, co-sparked life in her womb. She became the receptive vessel, and Yeshua's Soul and Spirit, infused her with life. 

  It was a direct translating of info/data into the physical from the expanded level of Consciousness or what some use to call "Spirit". 

   Because Yeshua's conception came about through these more purely Creative energies/forces, we can say that he was begotten of "God".  That purely creative force, is the God force, it is Spirit Life, which gives life to the material as well.

     But why?  Why couldn't Mary have just found a nice guy and bring about conception the typical way, and then have Yeshua's Soul connect to that body?   Here's where it gets tricky.  While bodies are tools and vehicles for us to use, they are not completely neutral or "blank program".  There is some information already encoded. 

   That information is what we call hereditary, and from another angle, relates to karma in the broadest term--cause and effect.  Say a family has a long, repeating history of a lot of negativity and selfishness.  Chances are, if two parents of like vibration of the above, that come from that kind of background and they themselves resonate with it, then the body they conceive will have strong tendencies to similar attributes. 

   A very mature Soul could choose to be born into that body, and start to "re-write" the program, but it would be ever a challenge to redirect that body to more creative and constructive paths.  There would be a lack of harmony between the body and the Soul connecting to it, and there would be a very real possibility of the Soul going off the path of living with spiritual attunement during that life. 

    Human bodies in general, are very slow vibratory, and can't handle well, high degrees of Light Consciousness streaming through them. 

  Yeshua needed a unique, and faster vibratory body vehicle to manifest and stream through.  He needed a V3.0 type body that was more pure and harmonized with his Consciousness.  Otherwise, it would have been difficult for him to have manifested the degree and amount of "miracles" and general spiritual attunement he did while connected to a human body. 

  Cayce's guidance says that preparation for his vehicle went back even much farther, and that for centuries previous to his birth, the Essenes worked on themselves individually and collectively, to make themselves fit channels for their Messiah.  They had two main goals in mind, to expand spiritually themselves, and to attract him in materially and co-create a proper vehicle for such a one.   

  The Essene's understood the laws of karma and of Like attracts, begets, and resonates with Like, and how that applied both physically and nonphysically.  They understood that creative-constructive activity, and spiritual attunement attracted and moreover, begot likewise. 

   This rule set, is why some positive E.T. groups are allowed to occasionally take humans--especially females, and alter their genetics some, even as to bring about conception.  In Edgar Cayce's Readings and past life case, that's apparently what they did, as they said that the individual born ended up being unusual both to physical looks, but also spiritual attunement and psychic development. 

   That individual ended up fathering many, many children and spreading his "mutated" genetics around.

   These are like periodic program upgrades to the system here.  The ET's have to work in harmony with the rule set here, and so they have to work through things like DNA/genetics.  To be sure, some of them are developed enough that they could change things with but a thought, but that isn't allowed. It has to be somewhat gradual and in line with Like attracts and begets Like. 

    In Cayce's past life case, they said that his mother was a spiritually minded person, and older Soul, and no doubt on a Soul level, had pre agreed to the interaction, along with Cayce's Disk as well. 

   All of this is part of the Retrieval process of humanity.  For we are not retrieving solely Consciousness, but we are uplifting the physical itself.  If we understand that the physical is a densified, shadow reflection of Consciousness, and came about through error or if one prefers, stuckness, then that which we manifested needs to be healed on all levels. 

  For what the physical is partially based on, in nature and the natural, comes from a beautiful, harmonious Creation of a grown up Child of Source delighting in it's companionship with the original Creator. The original pattern, the Soul of the Earth, is even much more beautiful and lovely than what we perceive in the densified reflection.

   And just as humanity has and does rape her densified reflection, so hasn't some of humanity's Soul level, previously raped her Soul patterns. It was that rape, that forcing, that inharmony, that got some stuck in the newly manifested, densified shadow reflection to begin with. 
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