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Phantom Leaf Pictures Are Here (Read 15342 times)
Bruce Moen
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Re: Phantom Leaf Pictures Are Here
Reply #15 - Jun 25th, 2012 at 12:49pm
PauliEffectt wrote on Jun 2nd, 2012 at 4:07pm:
Either there is some kind of residual moistness, or it is an imprint in the glass late
itself which creates the lingering leaf part.

Perhaps the first step is to contact someone doing kirlian photos on a regular basis
to get some more basics?


Just so it's clear, the method I am using does not use or require Kirlian voltage or glass plates.  In my early work the leaf is hung by its stem in open air, not touching anything but open air..  So there isn't any issue with moisture on a plate. 

In the past I've done kirlian photography using high voltages, etc. But, for the average person it's too complex and dangerous to use with its risk of electric shock.  The purpose of my present work is to develop and provide a simpler method anyone with an adequate digital camera can use to experiment with themselves.  In that way no one need rely on my photographs or opinions, they can experiment, make their own images and come to their own conclusions.

I understand that you are not convinced there is anything of value in the images I've posted and in my view that is as it should be.  For me their value is in opening the possibility of exploration by others to see if  they can be replicated and  improved upon.  If they are showing something "nonphysical" that actually exists wider exploration by others will eventually either verify that or disprove it. 

At this point all I have is a rather crude method that appears to show the existence of leaf vein structures where no physical leaf exists.  Time and further experimentation will give more evidence one way or the other.

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