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"Super Food(s)" experiences (Read 5532 times)
Justin aka Vasya
Ex Member

"Super Food(s)" experiences
Jan 3rd, 2012 at 12:18am
  Hi All,

  Somewhat recently, I started to take a combo of supplements which are food based--actually they are food, but often labeled under the general categories of "super foods" and supplements. 

   First I started taking Garden of Life's "Perfect Food", which i've liked and used off and on for awhile. But, because of the expensiveness of this product, i tend to go in long periods of not using it at all. 

    Anyways, I decided to change things up a bit, did some research, and found a somewhat discounted 4 lb bottle of Hawaiian sourced Spirulina under the "Now Foods" brand (not all spirulina is created equally--like in anything, some sources are more ethical, responsible, cleanly, etc. than others, and certain areas of the world are considered better producers on average than others.  I probably wouldn't buy spirulina sourced from China even though it may be cheaper.)

  Part of this quest, experimentation, and research is due to my looking for nutrient dense, relatively light, and long keeping foods that i can store and bring with me in case of any changes to "civilization" dramatic enough to significantly alter food supply.   I don't mind foraging, but hunting will be my last option and i prefer to delay that as long as i can. 

  Anyways, so fairly regularly i've been taking a combo of the G.O.L Perfect Food and of the Spirulina blue green algae and in a 1:2 ratio--meaning one part perfect food for every two part spirulina--usually the dose is about 1 tablespoon of perfect food and 2 tablespoons of spirulina mixed together in just cool water and drunk every morning, relatively upon awakening. 

    So, it's been about a month of pretty consistent routine with this, and i'm really starting to notice some positive changes--energy increases, mood improvements, skin looks better, and for whatever reason(s), i'm starting to remember more dreams and more vividly so.  Haven't noticed any negatives yet, besides the sometimes slightly apparent and slightly uncomfortable detox effects that such kinds of foods can have at first--but i was detoxed enough before starting that these were very mild--barely noticeable. 

  For those who don't know, spirulina is found in MANY super food and "green" type supplements and is often one of the most abundant foods in same, but i wouldn't recommend consuming large doses of it regularly.  Besides, in some areas the perfect food product is actually more nutrient dense than straight spirulina.   Plus, when it comes to health and diet, variety, balance, and moderation are all often very helpful concepts to practice.   More is not always better. 

   Anyways, might be something helpful for some others to look into if they feel so nudged by their inner guidance to do so. 


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Justin aka Vasya
Ex Member

Re: "Super Food(s)" experiences
Reply #1 - Jan 3rd, 2012 at 1:18am
Probably should mention that before this experiment--there was one previous wherein i was experimenting with the effects of Resveratrol and other similar substances.

  These interesting flavanoid and polyphenol substances are very powerful antioxidants.  Particularly the ones i was experimenting with, have been recognized to have the potential to switch on the 'longevity genes' which mimics what very low calorie (almost fasting in a way) diets also do.   While more research needs to be done in these areas with these substances, so far the glimpses are quite promising. 

  Btw, ever wonder what resveratrol actually is?   It's a type of "plant antibiotic" that many plants produce in response to foreign or attacking substances like pathogenic molds, fungi, etc.  It's rumored that red wines use to have significantly higher concentrations of resveratrol in them before wine makers and grape growers started using "modern" methods of toxic, complex chemical pesticides and the like.  If so, it stands to reason that probably the truly "organic" and bio dynamic wines of today have at least slightly higher concentrations than their conventional counter parts...???

   Anyways, i didn't experiment quite as long with these as i have with the perfect food/spirulina combo, but almost and i noticed similar general improvements, but a bit more subtle than these latter. 

   For those who are interested in trying their own experiments or getting direct guidance about these, i was using Country Life's Resveratrol complex with a 100 mg of resveratrol and smaller amounts of other potent antioxidants, which i bought through Swanson Vitamins online--one of the most reasonable supplement sites i've found to date.   I combined this eventually with a Fisetin only supplement, which i also sourced through Swansons Vitamins online and by their own label. 

   I rather like (theoretically speaking) Life Extension's Resveratrol complex supplement, but i cannot afford it--even at the discounted "member" price, which btw Swanson's vitamins carries as their norm.  It is actually cheaper for me to buy two different supplements and combine them--besides i am getting much more Fisetin through this way than i would via the L.E. product.

   Soon i'm going to combine the regular ingestion of both of these combos that i've mentioned on this thread:  the spirulina/perfect food combo and the resveratrol complex/fisetin supplement. 

  I should point out that the use of these is within a certain context of a lifestyle already focused on and co-creating health (and definitely not just for the body's sake!...Volu  Wink ).  Supplements are no cure all or substitute for a balanced, varied and healthy diet combined with proper amounts of exercise---not to mention positive and loving attitudes, thoughts, and intentions.  (the latter can be more affecting towards true "wellness" than other single factor). 

   For an example, i regularly eat at least one large salad a day, and i don't mean ice berg lettuce and tomatoes and what passes for a "salad" in most restaurants and grocery stores these days, but mixed greens and "spring mixes" which contain various deep pigmented leaves from various plants, and often with fresh avocado. 

   On top of that, i also often eat regularly a large amount of lightly steamed veggies which are actually easier to digest when lightly cooked (and thus, while they lose some nutrition via cooking, the nutrition that they do have becomes more bio available), such as broccoli, carrots (better juiced though), cauliflower, cabbage (probably better fermented in some way though), etc.

  Then different kinds of probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir, real sauerkraut and pickles, etc

  Then there is the avoidance of many unhealthy foods, etc. etc. etc.   (haha, USUALLY, but not always).

  So yeah, supplements are not a cure all and don't expect them to produce amazing results when one is still eating quantities of potato chips, muffins, pizza, pork, alcohol, and the like. 

  Oh, and 1 more quick add on.  Have been considering dehydrated chia seeds as another possible excellent "changes" food to stock up on and store.   I'm just hoping that the oil in same doesn't get rancid when i put it in my dehydrator.   I suppose at 100 or less, i probably shouldn't have a problem.   Since i will need some more definite starch in my diet, i've decided that the organic brown rice pasta i get would be an excellent food to dehydrate for the same above purpose and that it will cook fast.   

   Thinking of maybe also getting some good quality smoked salmon and dehydrating that into smoked salmon jerky.  For whatever reason, i have less of an issue with contributing to the killing of fish as well as the actual eating of same, than any other animal. 

   All these "changes foods" i've been talking about will also be vacuumed packed in smallish packets and kept cold to frozen until the times they can't be.  And, well, while i know we will become nomads in the near future, i've also decided to build a makeshift "root cellar" in my backyard for the temporary until moving is necessary--well already built actually.   


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