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The ear ringing OBE'S and Clairaudence (Read 5221 times)
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The ear ringing OBE'S and Clairaudence
Aug 10th, 2010 at 1:48am
Hi Everyone! It's been a few years since I posted anything on this site but recently i've been having some things happen to me and I wanted some advice. First off I have to ask is there anyone out there who is Clairaudent? If so could you tell me some of the things that you went through in the begining when your skill first started to develop?
Over the years i've had a few OBE'S and each time I do I always hear a high pitch ringing in my ear then popping sounds then flashing lights behind my eye lids and whoosh pop i'm out floating over my body. Lately while going about my daily life i sometimes hear that high pitch ringing when im not even trying to do an obe. I've also had times lately where i've been nodding off and I hear voices and hear a loud womans voice yelling " PAT " and I wake up. Or i'll just be watching TV and all of a sudden i hear that high pitch ringing in my ear and it goes away. Sometimes I'll start to think about the high pitch sound when im not hearing it and if i listen in total quiet i can hear it slightly in the back of my mind.  What i'm wondering is could this be the begining of Clairaudence?  I need the advice of someone who has gone through this If it is Clairaudence how do I go about developing it. I'm really curious about the few times I dozed off and heard my name being called it was very unsettling but peaks my intrest at the same time.  Thanks Everyone
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Re: The ear ringing OBE'S and Clairaudence
Reply #1 - Aug 11th, 2010 at 10:46pm
Hi Kranada,

Iíve had a few different types of experiences with clairaudience.  I donít know how to answer your question about how it started to develop, because I donít believe it works that way.  I donít think itís something that has a beginning and needs development.  I think itís more of a byproduct of whatís possible when you begin to use your curiosity to open your awareness and perception, of which there are many forms of experiences and possibilities. 

The kinds of clairaudience Iíve had are hearing what someone is thinking, as if theyíd spoken it word for word.  I am also able to hear what I call ďThe VoiceĒ of my guidance.  Iíve also experienced clairaudience while OBE and during retrievals.  None of mine were something that I had to work on to develop, nor did they have a beginning that took cultivating before it grew into more. 

Itís important to being open to perceiving in whatever form is necessary for you to receive the information you need or to experience what you need to experience.  We have so many ways in which we receive information in the physical world, and likewise nonphysically we also have many ways to receive information.  Most often there are multiple forms of perception going on at the same time in all our experiences. 

So Iíd say that if you want to experience more OBEs or more clairaudience, it will come naturally with the territory of setting intent, setting goals, and opening your perception. 

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