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Re:Summary - Chap 8/9! (Read 1681 times)
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Re:Summary - Chap 8/9!
Jan 14th, 2010 at 9:36pm
Summary Report:

I thought I was going to be continuing into part III around dec 25 as my post “Time to Move On” suggested… NOT!!!
On dec 26 I began to get a head cold which became a chest cold and is only now nearly 20 days in duration and still not quite done, still phlegm and minor coughing but controlled enough to do sessions.  Needless to say this was not an accident… I haven’t been ill in nearly 4 years… I suspect this is a direct result of lancing the boil on my soul and the cascade of negative energy just was too much for my immune system to over come…

p. 56 describes the kind of reaction one could expect and I had three of them:

1. The identity crisis which I solved using my Bahia friend as a confidant to talk it out… that seemed to work.
2. Then came the disorientation episode which I solved be constructing one working helicopter out of three crashed ones and damn I got one flying… this was no mean task since I had only one Philips screw driver, no schematics only intuitive Braille.
3. Finally, an annoying illness which I fought but just could not overcome… it had to run its course and it is now receding into the background.

I urge anyone coming this way to leave a detailed trail or record for later practitioners, it could be valuable… BM did not give us the chronology of his experience only a grand overview… so we don’t know exactly the timeline and the situational incidents which he used to develop p. 56 guidelines…  let this account be a start.


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