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Explanation please of my astral travel experience. (Read 1983 times)
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Explanation please of my astral travel experience.
Dec 27th, 2009 at 5:22pm
Im a new user of this site and a newbie to all this type of thing. I'll give you all a quick rundown of my life since May of this year. My wife got me to go to an angel card reading in May where the angel card reader told me that i was special and that i had a light shining off me and that i was on a new path, spiritually, which left me a bit baffled as im not too spiritual as i thought. Everything changed from that day on though. A few months past and my 2nd youngest child was waking every night screaming that something was in his room. late 1 night i was going to bed and i saw a ghost in my sons room. I never seen any ghosts before and anything remotely like that before. We got a spiritual clenser into my home and he passed on 2 ghosts and he clensed all of us and the house but he said that my son had what he had, the gift to see things and that he might keep it or lose it after the age of 7, that it was up to the spirits whether that will happen or not. After a couple of weeks of peace, it was all back, ghosts/spirits, angels, everything. I was hearing everything and my son was seeing and hearing everything. We got in contact with the spiritual clenser and he said that the light off my son was too strong and that we'll have to deal with it and that all we could do is to put salt around his bed and a clove of garlic under it and have a clensed crystal on him at all times. It sounded crazy at the time, but it has largely worked, not totally though. This is the short version of that part of the story. Then 2 weeks ago when i couldn't sleep because of noises in my bedroom( knocking on the window and talking, Etc.), it was about 1 hour after me gettin into bed, wide awake, i started feeling my body rising, so i put my hands flat on the bed and it was still rising, so i got up till that feeling stopped. I got back into bed and closed my eyes and all that i could see was a bright barbed wire going straight between my eyes and lifting my head, but everytime i opened them, it would dissappear and close them, it would still be there. I was cursing and banging things because i thought it was ghosts screwing with me and i wanted them to know that i wasn't affraid of them and to tell you the truth i wanted them to take form or something, so i could smack 1 of them. I am so tired of being woke most nights, either me or my son that i was at breaking point. I went to a quatum healer monday evening and to tell you the truth, i feel 100 times better. She said that i had 2 spirits with me and thats why i was tired and sore, because apparently the drain your energy. She also said that my light out of the top of my head was strong, light to god, i think she said and my 3rd eye was wide open. She turned down my 3rd eye a good few notches because my angel said that i had seen to much and i wasn't ready for it. She also said that i was very clairvoyant and also that i wasn't ready for it. I haven't told anyone about this because i feel like a fraud, because i don't feel like one. I have tried to shorten down this because if i went into detail, no-one would have time to read it. Its all obviously connected, so is there anyone out there able to piece my story together please. I know that my sons powers are stronger than mine as he sees them day in, day out and i just hear them, but the astral travel thing, is that something that could land me in trouble with. Thank you, and i hop to hear replies
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