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Very interesting scientific research-Galactic Core (Read 3430 times)
Justin aka asltaomr
Ex Member

Very interesting scientific research-Galactic Core
Feb 3rd, 2009 at 1:02am
These below videos are from physicist and astronomer Dr. Paul Laviolette.  His basic theory is rather simple, from looking at other Galaxies, and from looking at the past evidence in the Earth, he has come to understand and believe that our Galactic Core periodically and cyclically "explodes" and sends huge waves of multi-leveled energy radiating out throughout its local Galaxy and into others. 

The main problem with these Galactic explosions is not so much the actual "Superwave" which propagates out of same, BUT it's possible effect on the Local Stars (i.e. our Sun), particularly via pushing cosmic debris (dust) push through the Stellar wind, and increasing the output of the Stars. 

I find this very interesting because during one rather deep meditation, i asked about the Changes with non preconception, then i got a mini movie of a super active, more reddish tinted Sun.   Having looked deeply into Pauls work, i would not be surprised if there was a connection between his Galactic Superwave theories and this glimpse of a super active Sun which will alter much on the Earth. 

Anyways, there is a lot of hard science in his work, and also some extremely interesting and open minded non scientific correlations.  For example, Paul was led to info that ancient cultures--particularly the Egyptian, encoded this info in their "esoteric" legacies and that its encoded in one of the ancient Zodiac wheels (many believe that many cultures originally borrowed a lot of metaphysical info from the Egyptians--including the Hebrews, the Greeks, etc).

  Here are a few Youtube videos to whet your interest about this amazing work.   Interestingly note what Paul says when asked about the frequency of these outbursts.  He said there seem to be both minor and major cycles.   When asked about the major cycles, he says these Galactic Outbursts seem to happen every 13, 000 to 26, 000 years or so.    Funny enough, this coincides with all major Solar alignments to same! 

So you can see, there is much more going on with the Galactic Core and its cycles, than what most people talk about when they talk about 2012 and all that stuff.   Many researchers in the field, seem to want to believe that humanity will somehow, almost magically, become more collectively spiritually attuned within a very short time period and won't have to experience any major outer challenge.   Seems likely that these are rather off, for they have stuck their heads in the sand and aren't aware of factors like LaViolettes work for one.   Or peak Oil for another.

Why this man and his far reaching work is not more recognized and talked about, i do not understand.   To me, he is a genius in the truest sense, and i sense he is one of those that Rosiland McKnight's guidance talked about in her book Cosmic Journeys, that some spiritually advanced E.T.s would send through some of their energy to incarnate as humans to help with E.T. to human communication. 

Probably the reason why his work is not more recognized is really simple human psychology, most people are not willing enough to consider such life and civilization changing info, for most are far, far too attached to their material lives and material comforts.
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Justin aka asltaomr
Ex Member

Re: Very interesting scientific research-Galactic Core
Reply #1 - Feb 3rd, 2009 at 1:03am
Note that in one of these videos, LaViolette mentions that very close to the big Tsunami of Dec. 2004 (i believe), there was a huge Gamma ray burst which came from a Supernova in or nearby to our Galaxy.  

There seems to be a direct connection between this huge gamma ray burst and the Tsunami/huge Earthquakes that occurred.  

Note also that the scientific community, kept this info hush hush well past the time they knew what was happening.   They didn't tell people about this info until February!  Almost 2 months after it actually occurred!  What does that tell you about how things operate?

 So i would say, do not trust the scientific community to make you aware of such future events, for these are largely controlled by politics, which in turn is largely controlled by the forces of greed, fear, and power lust.

I would say, go within under ideal circumstances (using PUL and intending to hook up to only the most loving, helpful and aware sources within and without self) and get info that way.

A major Galactic Super wave from our Core would be much, much more powerful than the above Gamma Ray burst which made an already unstable area of the crusts Earth, react violently (via an earlier/faster traveling and accompanying "gravity wave").  
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Re: Very interesting scientific research-Galactic Core
Reply #2 - Mar 12th, 2009 at 6:27pm
First of all, I didn't realize that there is a science section.

Second, I don't know anything about this subject.

Third, this is the first time I heard of Justin getting a visual message other than a dream.

I read Dannion Brinkley's recent book and he seems to be certain that this World is going to go through some hard times. Justin seems to believe this.

Related to science not always revealing the truth, I heard that lobbyists not only buy off politicians, they buy off scientists who work at universities so they'll discover what they want them to discover.

Here's a link with predictions Paul La Violette made that got verifications.

P.S. Unfortunately, I'm not able to watch youtube videos at work and don't have internet access at home.
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