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Two brains:  In the head, in the gut (Read 3116 times)
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Two brains:  In the head, in the gut
Dec 15th, 2007 at 11:17am

Nice article about the 2 brains theory. 

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Justin aka asltaomr
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Re: Two brains:  In the head, in the gut
Reply #1 - Feb 3rd, 2009 at 12:59am
  Nice link P.M.  I did not catch this the first time around.  In some respects, it might be more accurate to say that many people have 3 brains, for their left and right hemispheres are consistently imbalanced and not so merged.   

  But yeah, the whole thing about the gut is very important too.  We actually have more serotonin in the gut than in the brain! 

  Re: your article, this is why fasting is such an important activity and practice to engage in at least occasionally.  For it helps to correct digestive imbalances, which then in turn allow the whole system to function more clearly and powerfully. 

  I believe this is why various spiritual teachers from various traditions advocated, or at least personally practiced fasting. 

  Could we imagine a modern day developing Jesus type who gorges himself regularly on Burger King fast food? 

  Maybe its possible for someone to develop to his attunement living in such ways, but it definitely does make it harder and thus less probable since that attunement in our cycle is rather difficult for most to fully reach while in the flesh.

  Perhaps this is why Rosiland McKnights and Cayces guidance both stressed time and time again the need to treat the body physical with respect, to eat healthy, and in both the former and latter info recommended a vegetarian diet for those on a more deep spiritual path? 
The former said that we could enable important energy changes just by cutting down on the amount and types of meat eaten.   They said no body needs a lot of meat nor the heavier types (beef, pork, etc), but anyone would benefit from eating less and eating only lighter meats (foul and fish) if meat was considered by self to be necessary.
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Re: Two brains:  In the head, in the gut
Reply #2 - Oct 31st, 2009 at 6:23pm
Your heart also has neurons in it and can do some invaluable "computations" of its own if you feel for it.

Ancient cultures like Hindu culture emphasized the difference between what we call "thought," "emotion" and "feeling."  They would say your head thinks,  you heart is emotive and your gut can feel.

Your heart creates the strongest magnetic field around your body by hundreds/thousands of times over the strength of your brain's EM field.

Left/right brain synchronization is important,  and so is whole mind/heart synchronization.  And then bring your gut and your whole spine into it as well,  or hell -- your whole body.  It's one big happy family after all!  Grin
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