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My Experience. (Read 2358 times)
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My Experience.
Dec 16th, 2008 at 4:12am
Last night while lying in bed,
I attempted to calm down my body and mind
loosely basing it off the book.

I was going through the steps from a - c.
Calming the mind, focusing on an image..
You know..

Then I tried to convince my mind that my body
was asleep.. At time's i could feel my Chi tingle
around my legs and my hands.

About an hour ( or so I think ) passed and
I felt completely relaxed and clear.

I then was telling my mind ..
" My body is light and each breath makes it lighter ..
How nice it would be to float up and out of my body "

THEN something completely unexpected happened..
You know when you can concentrate the Chi in your
hands that you get that tingle? Yeah, well imagine
that but 10x stronger. It felt warm.

I told myself ' Lift up out of my body '
" Lift Lift Lift " and as I said lift.. My hands would
tingle more and more.. THen something un imaginable
happened..When I said lift, my hands felt like they would be
lifting..But the Chi made it hard to tell if they really were or not.
took a breath and it felt like I had become sea
sick. I could feel.. something, like my energy moving around my hands. I could push through it and move it. (in my mind. I wasn't actually moving my hands or anything )
My bed felt like it was sinking, then rising back up.
Much like you would feel if on a boat and had sea sickness.
I was convinced I was about to come out of my body.
But the tingle was taking much focus out of me.

I don't have any idea what happened. I was still
fully conscious and pretty sure I was still in my body.

I kept trying for what seemed to be another hour.
Until Human Frustration took over and I moved my legs
and arms. That felt strange.

I curled over in my bed and attempted to sleep..
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Re: My Experience.
Reply #1 - Dec 17th, 2008 at 10:28am
Greetings ender,

That's a wonderful description you wrote!
You'll get out of body soon.  The first step is often similar to yours, although not often described so well.  Smiley

By writing it out you give your conscious mind a new attitude about such experience. Now that this stage ihas been described so easily,
fuller projection will be easier.



Here's a couple of other internet links on first OB experiences :
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