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Charting Unknown Territory (Read 2732 times)
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Charting Unknown Territory
May 4th, 2007 at 1:00pm
quote Bruce page 94 Voyages Into The Afterlife:

"I made up" a sentence in my mind, my name is Bruce, and if I'm getting your message, this is how I communicate with you. then I COMPRESSED the words until they were only their FEELING and consciously INTENDED to send out a TONE of my own. I actually heard my TONE!  it was steady and then it changed to a tonal pattern. its hard to describe on paper what the pattern sounded like. (u got that rite pal!)

my notes: had some brief experiences of tonal patterns, or sound effects in the mind; they contain info. they contain rotes!
there are groups here and there working with sound patterns besides TMI. Not sure but that the more higher thought realms are full of sound and tone beings humming right along.
once followed a low note into an obe situation. involuntarily. unconsciously. I knew I was answering the tone, like I was another string on an instrument. when one string plays, the others vibrate, resonate at their octave level, due to the sound waves effecting the other strings.
this note was sounded by another person I knew about but hadn't met physically. the note is particularly what I wanted to discuss with him, the power of the note to effect others. we did discuss it, or rather I did all the talking, dissecting it and teaching myself stuff about my own self.

just some thoughts along the idea of music and how we resonate in our oneness with one another and how Bruce brings toning into his books to help us explore these things.

love, alysia

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