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Reading Voyages Into the Afterlife (Read 2130 times)
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Reading Voyages Into the Afterlife
Apr 20th, 2007 at 10:52pm
for the 2nd time or 3rd time through. Read it awhile back. I sure missed a lot, as usual. I think it's because we change so much, when we grow, then we read something over and it's like the first time only better.

heres something I wrote a few years ago I'd like to share this insight.

Topic: Believing youíre doing it versus fooling yourself..

I kept thinking about what Bruce had said, in his books and maybe here on the forum too. Hereís what he said and it works for me...Ēbelieving that you are actually doing ...(fill in the blank) is the hardest part of doing it.

Remember your first job in life, where they offered to train you, but then the trainer walked away on a coffee break and left you in charge, then the trainer forgot to come back and train some more? Yea, so you have all these questions and everybodyís so busy, theyíre doing their own work and donít have time to answer your questions. I canít tell you how many jobs Iíve bluffed my way into expecting help with the fundamentals and then discovered Iíve have to just dive in and figure it out by myself if no one wanted to train me properly.
The funny thing is, I usually did a good job even when I thought I would get canned for not doing things maybe the right way, the way that otherís had set it up. Information just had a way of happening by trial and error and acting ďas ifĒ you knew what you were doing. The trainer would sometimes show up and say ďI see you figured it out ok.Ē Yea, no thanks to you, Iíd think, but really it made you feel good. Youíd ďgotĒ it. You did it by yourself. Thatís how it is with paranormal experiences. Trial and error, and willing to flub up and try something new next time. Itís ok to ask questions but if you canít get the specific answer you need, whatís left is to jump in and act ďas ifĒ itís going to happen. Like trusting. Trusting yourself to take the first step.

this pertains to doing retrievals, or trying to remote view, or talking to your deceased grandmother or self retrieval, you name it..its the same process of getting beyond the nagging doubt, by nudging the doubt aside †that you are capable or doing it, or you donít take the first leap of faith, the getting of information escapes your conscious mind during your exploration because you are following the doubt thoughts too much. Just nudge them aside, and pick the up later, after you are done with the exercise.

If you keep saying to yourself, ďI canít...Iím not capable..Iím not evolved enough...Iím less than so and so...Iím not in my last life...Iím not sensitive..Iím too logical....Iíll never do it...itís too hard..these others are crazy....blah blah blah..we can talk ourselves right out of a mind journey into the recesses of the unconscious realms. Itís what is real to you that matters, not to consensus agreement. Trusting yourself is the number one rule in just about any endeavor of life.

†PE is a good way to develop, as u can verify with your partner..allow room for initiatory failure and continue within trust and determination.

if u donít have a PE partner, ask for one to appear, see if that doesnít knock your socks off when it happens.

as for the fear of fooling yourself, who here hasnít played the part of a fool and survived? You get over your failures to stop feeling like a fool when youíre willing to say let me try again..maybe this time it will work if I can just believe I am capable because Iím willing to try something different. We were born to succeed. Know thyself. Trust thyself. You can do it, because I was one who thought Iíd never advance in these areas because of low self confidence and those attendant doubts. If I could explore and get over it, so can you. And so it is!

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