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What was left out of Ultimate Journey (Read 16050 times)
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Re: What was left out of Ultimate Journey
Reply #15 - Oct 24th, 2007 at 6:37pm
The below is from page 236 of the "Journey of Robert Monroe:"

"And then, while the book was in progress, Nancy's health began to fail. Although Monroe makes very few references to her illness in "Ultimate Journey," if affected him deeply and contributed to the direction his thinking was to take. In the draft that was first submitted to the publisher he introduced each chapter with a snatch of the dialogue between himself and his wife, moving in early chapters from friendly, everyday chat to acknowledgment of her illness and expression of their profound love. But for the great majority of those who would buy and read the book these dialogues would bear no relation to the chapters they headed. With one exception, they were omitted from the published version."


"Toward the end of the book he sought to include a lengthy extract from the Institute's brochure as well as no fewer than twenty-one addenda, a collection of miscellaneous items that made no contribution to the story he was telling. It was as if he was desperate to omit nothing that might in his mind have some relevance, no matter how distant, to the main text, but was unable to judge how readers would respond to this.

Progress was very slow and it seemed as if the publishers might run out of patience and give up on the project. In desperation, Eleanor smuggled a typescript to an independent editor who managed to trim and shape the material acceptably for publication."

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