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Differing techniques for visiting Afterlife (Read 3149 times)
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Differing techniques for visiting Afterlife
Aug 3rd, 2006 at 9:46pm
In the first half of Book II, Bruce uses either of two techniques to get to the Afterlife--peering into the grainey 2-D blackness until images can be found, or focussing his attention on his heart chakra and expressing his intent to visit. He eventually prefers the latter.
---- Have you ever used more than one method interchangeably
     to get to the Afterlife? If you still do use more than one                            m    method,  what are the advantages of having several or
     a couple of  methods?
---- If a person just wants to visit the afterlife and not worry
     about doing a retrieval, what intent would they say?
     Is there like a 'tourism center' where they can meet? 
     Without a particular person/soul/spirit to set intent on,
     would a visiting soul be aware of much of anything?
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