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Contacting friends while OB (Read 20031 times)
gordon phinn
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Re:  Out of body  vist
Reply #15 - Jan 6th, 2005 at 10:18am
That's great, Alysia! Another case, for the record.
This board is a great resource.

if you're collecting cases for the record, you   should check out some of the literature from the heyday of psychical research 100 years ago. Those guys investigated this stuff ad nauseam.
One example is Charles Leadbeater's massive tome "The Other Side Of Death" (reprint available from Kessinger).  Back then  they called it 'the projection of the double'

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Re: Contacting friends while OB
Reply #16 - Jan 6th, 2005 at 12:28pm
Hi Boris,
I had an experiance many years ago when my daughter was young. We lived in a 150 year old farm house and my daughter was about 8/9 years old and she was seeing ghosts/spirits in her room at night.  Well she had many questions and conserns (why are they there, what do they want, who are they Etc...) that I could not answer.  I just figured that she was seeing what was there (in spirit), but one morning she asked me what I was doing in her room last night!!!  she said I just stood there and stared at her and would not speak she said I also looked 'see though' like the ghosts she was seeing.  I asked her what I was wearing and she said I was wearing the clothes I had on that day, I told her that there was no way I would put my dirty clothes on and go stand in her room and stare at her through the night and that I was sleeping.  So it was not something that I rememberd doing.  I guess I was just conserned for her safty, she said she had seen me about 4/5 times in her room at night and it was only when we lived there in that house that this happend.
Now seeing ghosts was one thing but she told me that she also saw a friend of my husbands who was about 65 years old and that he looked like a ghost to!! but he was very much alive at the time. 
It was bout 5 months later that my husband found this friend dead when he went to his home. 

Now I can understnad me going OBE out of concern for my daughers fears to make sure she was safe but I still don't understanad why a older man would be obe'ing to my daughers room (she had seen him a few times).  If anyone has any answers I would love to hear them.


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Re: Contacting friends while OB
Reply #17 - Jan 6th, 2005 at 3:28pm
My first post on the new board !!!

I was having a telephone conversation
with a friend and she dreamed I was sitting
on the end of her bed doing something with
my hands.  I've started knitting again because
of the two grandbabies, one here already and
the 2nd due on May 21st.  I thought it was
very interesting that I was sitting on the end of
her bed.  I have no remembrance of this Wink

Mary Kay
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Touching Souls
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Re: Contacting friends while OB
Reply #18 - Jan 6th, 2005 at 6:35pm
Hey dear friend, great to see you here and your new grandbaby, Athena.   Cheesy

Much Love,
Mairlyn  Smiley
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WWW minniecricket2000  
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