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Any new techniques ? (Read 3568 times)
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Any new techniques ?
Mar 18th, 2006 at 10:38am
It is interesting to me to see how many people post that they just didn't get to the crystal because they...fell asleep or whatever.

The goal is to go into an altered (relative to C1) state and have an experience and remember it and find out that it correlates with someone else's experience.

So there are about 4 places this process can break down. I think it might be useful to revisit what works for others and maybe what might else be tried. Since this is a group effort and its success depens on everyone, it seems reasonable to at least discuss this. Since when Bruce found he didn't achieve obe, he just invented another way to get experiences and info, it seems reasonable to discuss ways to find a new way to create this type of experience.

I just sort of gave up because I just fall asleep and don't recall anything. My experiences are random and unexpected and not under my 'control'. When I see some of the things posted here, I think I  am not alone.

I think it is important to recall the meeting at the crystal as part of the learning process. Maybe we all go there in our sleep, but it is important to remember it.

Maybe if there are a couple of people who know they are meeting there, they could agree to get together there and then find a third person and try to bring that person into the concious memory of the process. I know nobody wants to play favorites but once that third person is being concious, then there could be a fourth and a fifth and so forth.

I was thinking myself of trying the shamanic drumming (or at least Dave's dripping water on the aluminum pie plate) but I got hung up in worrying that the drumming takes one to a specific kind of place and I don't know if that's the same place the crystal is.

Using headphones makes my ears ring these days so I'm looking for something else.

Comments anyone?
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Re: Any new techniques ?
Reply #1 - Aug 22nd, 2012 at 9:18pm
This is an old thread, so perhaps the answer has come some other way?

Anyway, I sometimes turn on a lot of lights in the ceiling so I don't fall asleep.
I sometimes use ear plugs to keep out sounds, because there are lots of
street sounds around here. I very seldom use H-S. I think I nowadays
get a better result without H-S.

I half sit up or use a thick pillow so I'm not too comfortable, to avoid falling
asleep. I close my eyes, sometimes I use a light cloth so some light shines
through but not too much so it disturbs me.

And then... Well, maybe I don't really go to the TMI-There Crystal that often. Smiley


I prime the pump by peeling-my-clementine.

If I can avoid needing to sink into a too deep relaxation, I try to imagine things
as soon as possible. If I can't do that I relax for a moment and wait. Then try
again and so on, until it start rolling like a movie to my mind's eye.

Lately I often go to "my place" and use that as a starting point because some
things there are familiar to me, so I can begin imagine things.

The last point requires you to create a "your place", which you should call
"my place", in the nonphysical. Smiley
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