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Several Dreams Rolled Into One.... (Read 1328 times)
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Several Dreams Rolled Into One....
Nov 27th, 2005 at 7:14pm
I had several Dreams last night which I think are weird and because I didn't write them  down i''ve forgotten all except one...

I brought the car my dad has, something i wouldn't do normally although i enjoyed driving it once. I had my sister in the car and someone else. We drove like near the water at a half-beach like thing but it wasn't, i drove down a track with a hill to the left of me, sometimes my view would change in that i was driving and then i was above the car looking down. We got to the end, it wasn't out in the middle of nowhere, but on its own. There was a car park of about 30 cars together and a building there, i parked up and guess I dropped my sister and this other person who i don't know off as they wernt there when i drove back.

Anway i did something here which i don't know what, anyway i drove off, i felt i had something completed here, my ex-cadet instructor (left ages ago but had problems with like kit and me having to pay for it cuz i didnt hand it in which i had done so i said i wouldnt pay a penny and after serveral arguments we finally sorted it) well he was waving so it seemed this place was associated with cadets, or rather have the image of, anyway he waved goodbye as i drove back up this bumpy path and i felt relief in that but know it was something more.

Actually diversing i think i have figured out that side of the dream! We sorted out this issue but there was one more person to convience, the county stores women who deals with handing and returning all kit, he said he would do best on his part and we sent off kit but I guess this was showing me shes accepted it and nothing now will come off it!

Also i feel like by dropping my sister off I have let go of her and my worry I have to look after her in the fact she will be a burden to me. Now that sounds weird and I love her and would never dream of not helping/looking after her but feel i have let go in a sense of accpeting shes growing up. Shes annoying most times lol! but i do care, she doesnt see. I feel i can live my own life and let her and my mother (they are a pair really) do theirs yet we will still be around and be ok, just you know hard to explain. This has soemthing to do with new zealand me moving away, and also the short term.

Im still confused about a lot but i read about everyone here getting messages through their dreams and feel im starting to do this but would still really appeciate if you have the time and dont mind just even quickly given me some initial thoughts as i love these!

Thanx for listening!

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Re: Several Dreams Rolled Into One....
Reply #1 - Nov 27th, 2005 at 8:34pm
hi Ryan, nice one! got some resolution, I know the feeling of getting unexpected closure or resolution on problems in C1.

got one of these too once, so u can see why I love to go to sleep at night! ha!
well, I rented a house to a man and paid for a stove he put it. then when he went to move out he was planning to steal the stove I bought from him. had heard a rumor he might try this, but thought it was too weird to believe.

so one night I was in his house floating there and the renter and his mediator were floating there also with me..I was thinking, hmmm. you have a guide? how is this possible? he did though, to my amazement.

so next the guide speaks for the renter explaining he wants the stove, could he have it?

I said no way! lol.  then the guide said, well, it's not working well anyway, so could we have it?

get out! I said incredulously. he really wants it, the guide said, then the renter asked me could he take it.

finally, I said, fine, take it, if it means that much to you and I didn't know it wasn't working that good, so it's no use to me. end of dream.

the next day in reality somebody, a neighbor or somebody says he's taking the stove and not going to tell you about it. so due to this dream I walked over to discuss, all cool and collected Cheesy and for a minute he looked hot under the collar, but he was always hot under the collar anyway, and we arranged he could stay 2 more weeks if he left the stove. so it worked out ok. and after he left, I found out the stove didn't work very well at all! ha ha!
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