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New Book "Forever: A Godyssey Adventure" (Read 1189 times)
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New Book "Forever: A Godyssey Adventure"
Apr 13th, 2005 at 3:09pm
Hello! My name is Author JD Howes. I realize the topic of death and the afterlife is a sensitive one, at best. Everybody has one opinion or another on this topic, but only dead men really know what awaits us... the rest is all guesswork... or is it?  ???

Growing up, I was terrified of dying and how it robbed me of the joy of living. Going to church offered little hope or comfort, oddly enough. I grew up believing God didn't like me and getting into Heaven was going to be tough. In fact, I thought it was really out of my control... I WAS WRONG...  Embarrassed

That's the problem with man-made religions, cults and churches these days... they like to complicate the simple. Did you know God is cool? He has emotions, feelings and interests like you and I? And most of all... he really likes you! Oh, did I mention all the really fascinating glimpses into the afterlife, the supernatual and eternity that the Bible provides us?  Roll Eyes

Alot of people have a very poor opinion of God... I should know, because I personally hated him for years! But after working past religion and getting to know him personally through research, study and writing... he's now my favorite person to write about. And I would like to share my research, findings, insights and heart with you on the "Afterlife" forum from time to time.  Wink

But for those of you hurting, struggling, curious, worried or needing answers and hope about the afterlife on! My new book "Forever: A Godyssey Adventure" will take you on a guided tour from life to the afterlife.  Shocked

“Forever: A Godyssey Adventure” chronicles the misadventures of recently deceased father (Jack Davis) and his annoying guardian angel, Benjamin. Murdered by Agents of Hellunder while trying to help his rebellious son, Gordon, the High King of Heavenland grants Jack a second chance to rescue his son’s dying soul…before it’s too late! The only question is whether these two misfits can manage navigating through eternity without getting lost, defeat the evil Dark Prince in battle and reach Gordon before Hellunder claims his immortal soul. All in all, just another day in eternity...

Death is our final adventure. And like this reality, the afterlife has its own version of fun and danger. The fascinating wonders and horrors ahead need not take us by surprise either... like planning any trip, it pays to do our homework and plan ahead! -Enjoy...


Title: Forever: A Godyssey Adventure
Genre: Fiction, Christian Sci-fi / Fantasy, Religion
Hardback ( ISBN# 1-4010-4196-5 )
Softback ( ISBN# 1-4010-3068-8 )
Distributors: Ingram / Baker & Taylor

Order On-Line: [][/url]


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