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Re: Chapter available from my book (Read 1460 times)
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Re: Chapter available from my book
Apr 9th, 2005 at 9:33pm
How long before the schiavo thing did your write this?  I avoided that issue, because the way the media presented it, and the way more and more players were drawn into it, i suspected that it was an everyday occurence that was being used by some power, govt, media, or who knows what, in order to manipulate the attitude of people.  Wierd.

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Re: will publish soon
Reply #1 - Aug 19th, 2005 at 6:02am
hello there to whomever...I deleted the above reference to a chapter being available as the book in reference is on the way to the publisher.  It's called Roadsigns, Shifting Gears Between Two Worlds. Whew. glad it's done. I cannot give a publishing date as I don't have that yet and don't know if I am accepted yet. will let the board know as soon as I know something. sorry for taking up space here with promises to deliver....I get a little excited now and then Grin  love, peace and light, alysia
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