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Message started by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 3rd, 2012 at 3:14pm

Title: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 3rd, 2012 at 3:14pm
  Probably the best preparation for the coming changes is transforming fear aspects within self and aligning/attuning ever more to PUUL, which stands for pure, universal, unconditional love, which is a bit different than Bruce's PUL but same idea--i've just always liked the word/concept of "Universal", so i throw it in as well.   As well as regular meditation and prayer practice.

  Btw, i'm not all that concerned about this year of 2012, maybe some things may happen, but i see the greater changes and material challenges happening from 2013 to 2016 or so, in a probability sense (which i've been saying for years now).

   But materially, one can make certain preparations as well, and I don't mean creating an underground bunker, with yrs of stocked food, water, fuel, guns, etc.   Maybe that will work for some, but we've gotten guidance that we will become nomads for a time living and moving around in the woods, mountains, etc.  Unfortunately, some will be raiding and looting, and trying to stay in one place, even if well defended, hidden, etc. may not work out in the long run.

  I just recently talked a little about material preparations as regards food over in the Healing section on my thread called "Super Food(s) Experience",

  A quick recap:  Foods and methods i will be primarily using:  a combo of "Perfect food" in a 1 to 2 ratio with a good quality Spirulina and these will be vacuumed packed in smaller packets and kept cold or frozen until i have to move on from our place. 

   Then, dehydrated, vacuumed packed, and cold stored chia seeds, org. brown rice pasta, and smoked salmon.  A quick add on to this list is a vacuumed packed high quality B-12 supplement since i plan on putting off hunting as long as i can.   Oh, and all the vacuumed packs will have oxygen absorbers in them, which decrease moisture as well, keeping the food longer and better preserved. 

   I would like to talk about clothes:  I did a lot of research into various fabrics and fibers to see what would be the most efficient and practical ones to take with me for traveling/hiking and general survial.   Having hiked across all of Spain over a month, i've come to prefer the 3 method of packing for hiking.  Have 3 pairs of most whatever you need (except a coat--1 or 2 should be sufficient for that), for this will cover what you wear for the day, what you need for the morrow while you've washed the previous, and a spare emergency pair in case of whatever. 

In most cases, you won't need more than 3 of anything.  But i  have some super lite linen socks i will pack more than 3 of since they are so lite. 

  Layers are very smart and practical for cold weather and climates.  Instead of 3 really big and bulky sweaters, pack some warmer undershirts and then a couple medium weight sweaters and a lighter one.   

  Fabrics and fibers:  In the hiking and survivalist worlds, there tends to be at least a bit of controversy between two different camps--one which prefers natural and the other which prefers synthetic man made fibers and fabrics. 

   I lean on the natural side for various reasons.  Two thing that natural fibers/fabrics are far superior to all synthetic is in odor control and breath-ability.  There are new synthetics which have various ways of dealing with odor control, but not all are necessarily healthy nor long lasting. 

  With natural fibers, it remains throughout the life of the garment if decently laundered once in awhile.  My only garments with significant synethic contents will be two coats, one light rain and wind repellent one (preferably also breathable) and a thicker, down winter coat. 

  One thing which is certain and which both camps agree with, is that Cotton sucks royally unless you happen to live in an only consistently very warm and very dry climate.   Cotton breathes well until it is wet, but it stays wet for a very long time and doesn't wick at all.  It is also not warm or insulative at all.  It is especially bad for very cold and very wet/humid climates

  Almost all synthetics wick much better and dry much faster than most natural fibers (especially important in colder and wetter climates and seasons), but there are some close contenders in the natural fiber world. 

The 3 main standouts are Linen, Hemp, and Alpaca.  Good quality Merino wool is decent, but doesn't dry as fast or wick as well as the above--plus it's often not as warm as Alpaca.  All of my survival clothes pack will consist of these 3 fabrics primarily.

    Natural fibers, especially the above ones, do tend to be more expensive, but there are ways around this.  I've found a lot of still good quality linen clothes in various thrift shops.  Also, a Dillards close by, closed and had huge sales and i got some brand new nice light merino wool sweaters and linen pants, shirts, and shorts for quite cheap. 

  Warmth:  Probably the best fabric out there for warmth, which is somewhat affordable when new, is Alpaca fabric.  It is warmer than even high quality Merino wool, because the fiber is more hollow (thus insulates better).  It is also stronger, more resilient in general and especially towards UV, more wicking, and slightly faster drying than Merino wool. 

    Wetness in the form of sweat, as well as other ways, is the enemy when it comes to cold temp. survival.  It does tend to be a bit more expensive, on average, than Merino wool, because much less is produced, but if you are a good bargain shopper you will find some good deals like i have. 

   In a very cold weather day, I might wear say a light, thin, long sleeved linen shirt, then over it a light Alpaca turtle neck sweater, followed by a heavier Alpaca sweater.   

  Linen and Hemp:  Awesome all year round fabrics.   They are similar in nature, hence they will be talked about in the same category.  I do slightly prefer Linen over Hemp for feel and for availability though.  Hemp is also really hard to find in 100 percent forms---so often it's mixed with 45 % org. or regular cotton.   Linen is fairly easy to find in 100 % forms and is generally much more easily found anyways. 

  But they have similar strength and resiliency and similar cooling and insulative properties, with Hemp maybe being a bit tougher and with a bit stronger tencile strength.

  Both fabrics keep you warm in cool weather and cool and drier in hot weather.  Both breathe very well, and wick and dry much better and faster than cotton, though not as well or as fast as some modern synthetics. 

  Linen particularly seems to excel in hotter and more humid climates where a lot of sweat is involved. 

  Besides the Linen clothes i'm packing, including pants, shorts, shirts and socks, i also will be packing a homemade Linen sheet for sleeping, a smaller, folded over and sewn piece for a towel, and a smaller single layer piece for water filtration, etc. 

 Treat Linen and Hemp decently, and they will last you near a lifetime.  That cannot be said for most other fabrics whether natural or synthetic.  And you certainly will smell A LOT better in these than in any synthetic, over longer periods of time. 

  Pack one good hiking sandal and one pair of sturdier and warmer shoes, or go the Cody Lundin route and do barefoot or layered socks. 





Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 5th, 2012 at 12:51pm
  Important consideration for clothing in the times to come.  As i outlined in my last post:  we may soon be going through a very intense and active Solar cycle, which Solar flares intense enough to really alter climate and technology.

  If this does come to fruition (nothing written in quartz mind you), then with such intense Solar outbursts a few considerations as regards clothing are in mind.   Not only will heat increase during such times, but also various solar radiations. 

  Even if you are very dark skinned, it may not be enough to properly protect your skin during the more intense phases of such cycles. 

  Here is where Linen excels yet again.  Linen is very UV AND generally Solar resistant and protective, and if one is wearing a combo of all white Linen LONG sleeved shirts and pants, with a wide brimmed light colored hat, with feet also protected (with at least very light colored socks) , then this will do two things very well.  It will help you with dealing with the intense heat and intense Solar radiation.   

  It will help you more than any sunscreen could or would, though i would recommend putting some on your face (even if dark skinned) at the very least, as well as even under your clothes just for extra protection--especially for folks in lighter skinned bodies. 

  You may have to wear such clothing for awhile, even in a season you'd might not normally dress so cooly. 

  However, with such Solar activity going on and while we can expect a general trend towards warming, we can also expect sudden and fast extremes in weather as well.  We seem to have been noticing more and more extremes in weather for the last few decades or so, but expect weather to become even more erratic, unpredictable and extreme in the coming times. 

   It could be really hot one week and then freezing cold the next, which is why your survival pack should ideally contain a balance right off, lol OR you could just become a H-Plus human like "He/She" right off and much earlier than most and not have to bother with any of this advice.  It's possible, but not particularly probable for many humans at this time--though for a relative few here and there it is more probable. 

   Considering the intense Sun we will be dealing with, it doesn't make sense to pack any short sleeved shirts, as the long sleeved very light colored and thinner shirts will serve you very well in both the heat and also as an under or "base" layer for colder temps (& under Alpaca sweaters ideally). 

  Edit insertion:  The herb I previously mentioned another post

should help most with the above talked about issues of Solar radiation. 

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 5th, 2012 at 1:20pm
Materially, perhaps the most important consideration besides a cool head and positive attitude (and keen intuition/sensitivity to guidance) is water.  It will be important to pack some decent water filters into what i will now call your "body comfort pack" instead of the mis named survival pack--since you will ultimately survive, whatever happens to your body. 

   Also important is pack a light and strong digging tool--i recommend a titanium alloy one if you can find it.  During an intense Solar cycle--particularly in already warm climates, drought will be an issue and in many areas and in many cases, water will be best and most likely found underground. 

  If you do happen to find an above ground source of water--it's often a good bet to dig a hole near it anyways and get your water somewhat filtered and cleaner right off hand.  Some call this a gypsy well or hole. 

   And before you use your nice filters, make sure you take that extra piece of spare Linen and pre-filter at least some of the sediment and debris out before you use the more high tech filters.  The combination of using gypsy wells and Linen fabric pre filter, will help prolong the life of your higher tech filters. 

  Your modern filters should contain two parts either in the same filter or in two separate ones you can use in combo;  one is a high quality carbon or similar type filter which absorbs heavy metals, chemicals, etc. and then a part which filters out  small and less absorbable living pathogenic organisms which cause sickness.

   Some filters do both well, and some use silver or super porous ceramic or fiber glass like materials to do just the latter.  Do some intensive research for materially, water is the most important consideration for your body. 

  Always have at least two lite and thin, but strong stainless steel water containers beside whatever bottles may come with your filters. 

   Why?  They don't leach chemicals like ALL plastics will eventually do (especially the hotter they get) and two, you can put these into fire if need be for makeshift sanitizing. 

  If for whatever reason you lose use of your convenient modern filters, you can use combinations of sand or clay layered with charcoal layers to help clean your water and then boil to sanitize (or solarize with some clear glass and aluminum).  Needless to say, having a few extra, protected modern filters on hand, would be much more convenient.   

Lately companies have been making "filter straws", which will cut down on volume greatly and some on weight.  Pack extra of these dry and in baggies.  They are worth their weight in gold, and more than worth the extra ounces of carrying weight.   

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 5th, 2012 at 2:06pm
   My wife and I plan on getting a super light and packable titanium wood stove in combo with a tent designed for use with small woodstoves.   

   The stove i'm looking at, is very light, and is collapsible.  The tent i'm looking at is fairly light and made of strong materials. 

  Re: transportation:  Eventually and for awhile, most of the transportation will be done by foot, bicycles, and by horseback.  However, initially some will need transportation to get out into more natural areas and away from cities and other crowded and polluted areas for when times get tough.   

  I highly recommend investing in at least 250 cc sized and decent quality dirt bike (or an off/on road motorcycle) for those who live in or very close by a city.  There are various reasons for this recommendation.   One, dirtbikes tend to be more ruggedly built than many motorcycles in some ways and they are able to go on road and off road with much great ease and finesse than most 4 wheeled vehicles and motorcycles. 

   Two:  Many have simple engines with little to no essential electronic circuity.  I mention this, because during a very intense Solar cycle, Solar flares strong enough to fry delicate computer type circuitry can be produced.  There goes the use of many modern cars who heavily rely on such circuitry and can be useless without. 

  Also, it may be that many people will try to flee a certain city type area at once.  Roads, highways, and bridges may become blocked due to panic, accidents, etc.  Cars and trucks may become stuck.  Also, smaller motorbike type vehicles tend to use less gas.  My 250 Ninja got an average of almost 70 miles per gallon, and often much more when i purposely drove in eco mode (coasting in neutral a lot, accelerating slowly, not going above 60, etc). 

  For carrying supplies, obviously a larger backpack will come in handy, but consider also a tow along for your motorbike.  You could probably even easily convert one of those children carriages designed for bicycles as long as you don't go to fast or too erratic with it. 

  A medium sized dirtbike has the advantage of being fast, but also highly maneuverable and can cut in between cars, go off lanes, etc.  Those already out in the country probably don't need to worry about the above advice on transportation, or not as much. 

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by recoverer on Jan 5th, 2012 at 4:14pm
Thanks Justin.

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 6th, 2012 at 5:20am
  Your welcome.

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 11th, 2012 at 2:00pm
  I should have said this earlier.. It applies to all my posts here really, but please don't just believe any of what i say here or elsewhere.  Check it against your own inner guidance. 

  Here is a quick, simple distillation of methods that have helped me most with this. 

   First is simple, intend to hook up to guidance to gather info.  State an affirmation that goes something like, "I deeply desire to attune to and ask for help of only the most spiritually helpful, PUL attuned, and aware consciousnesses there are.  I deeply desire and ask for the help, direction, guidance and protection of only the above." 

   Then remember a time, or the feeling of love and/or gratitude.  Feel & Expand it out towards all of Creation (which includes  yourself, of course). 

  Then get still and quiet via some more traditional or well known meditation practice, and then ask your questions, seek confirmation, or what not.  Just be open with no preconceptions.

  Btw, such simple but very effective methods will become invaluable a practice during and after the Changes.   

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 11th, 2012 at 2:07pm
Quick P.S. to my earlier food post.  I've been thinking about adding Kelp powder to my 2:1 Spirulina--Perfect food combo. Maybe in a 2:1:1 Spirulina-Perfect Food--Kelp powder ratio. 

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Jan 31st, 2012 at 2:28pm
  Some other essentials i'm throwing in my 'body comfort pack'.  I got a wide mouth, vacuum food jar, which holds 24 oz.  While this is a somewhat heavy item to be lugging around when one is constantly hiking and moving around--it's an invaluable way to conserve resources. 

   I will be using it to cook soups and various foods in.  You only have to use enough resources to get water up to a boil, throw dry contents in with boiling water in the food jar, close lid and screw cap on loosely and wait.  I don't recommend screwing the lid and cap on tightly because this can overly pressurize your vacuum food jar, which will wear out your cap much faster. 

  You will lose some energy and efficiency doing it the above way, but will really save in the long term for extending life of this very versatile and practical 'tool' of survival.   In all reality, you only need your water and food contents to stay really hot for about a half hour with most foods before they are cooked enough to eat.  Exception being many beans, but they are not the best survival food to begin with, and there are kinds like lentils, split peas, etc. which cook much faster.  Soaking in cooler water for long periods also help with all beans in many ways, but especially to shorten cooking times. 

   Since i have and will be getting some tools which will weigh a good amount (we're talking really long term body comfort/survival periods here) such as an army type shovel, a machete, a couple of knives, a camp axe, some blankets, foods, water, etc, I will not be able to carry all this within my back-pack.  Even if i could and had a large enough backpack--it would be insane to carry that much weight on one's back especially during times of lack of food and water.

  I decided to invest in a decent quality bike trailer designed to tow two small children and which doubles as a "stroller".  The one i purchased is rated for 100 lbs (most likely can hold more safely), is already fairly weather proofed (which i will add to with silicone spray, etc), is pretty lite (slightly under 30 lbs) since it uses primarily aluminum and nylon, and has 2 larger and decent quality "bike" style wheels. 

   I have the option of either pushing it in stroller mode, or using it more as a trailer and towing it with back/chest harness--especially useful for going up larger and steeper terrains. 

  In the Winter with any snow, it can easily be converted to more of a sled by popping off the quick release wheels, and making some runners or what not, to attach too. 

  Essentially, it will allow me to carry more volume and weight, and much more easily so, than with just a back pack alone.  In the stroller mode, it also affords me to be able to get away quickly if need be.  The front stroller wheel is really cheap, not good for speed or off roading, but if i needed to run and run fast, i just would simply lift it off the front wheel.  The leverage is such with two main wheels in the back, that this would be easy to do, and those wheels are designed for speed and can easily go off road--being essentially small bike wheels.   Obviously, to make this easier, the heavier items will be packed in the back, over the wheel axles to facilitate easier front wheel lifting. 

  I've already made some quick and easy modifications to it.  One such is taking down the children's seat part since it divides the space in a weird and limiting way.  It's still in there, but flat on the floor, in case i need it later for actual children.  For the near future, it will be solely for supplies.

  Both my back pack and my bike trailer will be largely packed, minus food/perishables, and more or less ready to go whenever i will need them.  But the trailer will not be fully packed per se, since I may have to transport it in a car first.  Rather, most of the tools/supplies will be put in a water proof bag, which later can go in the trailer, while the trailer will be ready to be put in the car if need be. 

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by pratekya on Jan 31st, 2012 at 11:36pm
Hmm, maybe this isn't the right thread for what you are intending to discuss, and I mean this respectfully (I think you are a cool guy), but what in your mind points to the fact that we are going to have a civilization collapse in the next few years?  Your contacts on the other side?  I tend to take Bruce's view that your experience, while being convincing for you, would do nothing for me (unless presumably I had a similar experience).
  I don't discount that we may be headed for catastrophe soon; actually I think we are headed for environmental collapse sooner or later, and financial collapse in the U.S. when our debtors get serious about collecting, but.... I guess my question is why do so many New Ager types (I'm not saying you are a typical or even representative New Ager), but why do so many New Ager types expect a new age?  Was there some revelation that was particularly validated or something that started this whole movement?  And is the goal to just survive the initial turbulence until things settle down?

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Feb 1st, 2012 at 12:25am

pratekya wrote on Jan 31st, 2012 at 11:36pm:
Hmm, maybe this isn't the right thread for what you are intending to discuss, and I mean this respectfully (I think you are a cool guy), but what in your mind points to the fact that we are going to have a civilization collapse in the next few years?  Your contacts on the other side?  I tend to take Bruce's view that your experience, while being convincing for you, would do nothing for me (unless presumably I had a similar experience).
  I don't discount that we may be headed for catastrophe soon; actually I think we are headed for environmental collapse sooner or later, and financial collapse in the U.S. when our debtors get serious about collecting, but.... I guess my question is why do so many New Ager types (I'm not saying you are a typical or even representative New Ager), but why do so many New Ager types expect a new age?  Was there some revelation that was particularly validated or something that started this whole movement?  And is the goal to just survive the initial turbulence until things settle down?

  It appears to me, that most "New Agers" i've talked to or otherwise communicated with, seem to believe that people are going to magically ascend and that's what these changes are about.  A percentage of these look to the overly hyped so called Mayan calendar 'end' date of 12/21/12 for this magical and sudden transformation. 

   While i see the collective and individual vibrational rates of humanity and the Earth stepping up, and this is a big part of what these "changes" are all about--from what i've gotten from going within or having been given messages--it's not going to be so magically easy and so fast and so collective as that.   We are not being handed spiritual growth on a silver platter as apparently many in the New Age would like to believe. 

   Re: me personally, i've been intuitively and consciously receiving information about the Earth changes for about 20 yrs now, off and on, so since i was about age 12.  At first, it started off more as general, vague in specifics, but strong gut feelings.   Then the dreams followed. Then being led to certain sources followed. Then info and visions during meditations followed, etc. etc.

When it first started around age 12/13, it was well before i read ANY books on anything about "earth changes", but just had a persistent feeling that in my lifetime, something really BIG was going to happen that would affect everyone (global) and the way we lived and that ultimately, it would be very positive in nature (but even then i sensed it would be also greatly challenging at first). 

  Since that time, the information has gotten increasingly clear, holistic, and specific in nature, though exact timing has always lacked. 

  So yes, a lot of this has come more or less from within, yet some has been gotten or confirmed by sources without. 

  Quite a number of sources strongly connected to The Monroe Institute have broached the issue of Earth changes.  Probably one of the most accurate ones as far as outlining trends ahead of time and in relation to general time lines or periods, was Rosiland McKnight and her guidance.   Course, there is also the oft misinterpreted, plagiarized, mythologized Cayce work, which helped me to understand certain aspects of what's going on with the Earth Changes in a more holistic way.

  Contrary to popular (mis) conception, Cayce's guidance primarily focused on outlining certain general trends and time lines rather than this or that year.  According to this source, the initial catalyst for the physical aspect of the changes was well into play awhile ago, and a very important and catastrophic (albeit gradually unfolding) event happened back in 36'.    But this source also said to pay attention to Solar and Cosmic Cycles as well. 


Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by pratekya on Feb 3rd, 2012 at 12:29pm
Ok, thanks for taking the time to explain.

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by crossbow on Feb 6th, 2012 at 8:02am
I'm wondering, how are you going to deal with those who are not as well prepared as yourself? who do not have food, water and warm clothing. There will be millions of such people. No matter how far into the backwoods you travel there will be people needing your supplies. You will not be able to hide yourself from others. They will be freezing cold, hungry and thirsty, and you will have on your person what they need for life. Will you keep warm in your clothes and watch them shiver to death? Will you eat your food supplies while they starve around you? And what of those who can't walk or travel, like the weak, disabled, unwell, frail, the overweight and the elderly? Will you stay behind in one place with them and tend to them and give them comfort, or will you leave them to die and be killed? 

And speaking of being killed. How do you suppose to deal with those who will kill and eat you, and take your supplies? Bear in mind they may either hide or reveal their intent; they may approach as if hostile or as if friendly, as if strong or as if weak, and likely not from one direction but from two or more directions, and at simultaneous or staggered times depending upon their method, for these ways are how predators operate.

In this dismal time which you suggest is not far away from now, and if you prepare as you describe, then you will be seen by many as food. And your wife and any woman with you, will be seen as something to rape and used as a slave to carry supplies so that the men who ate you are free to fight and attack at any moment. It wont take long for most women to realise what kind of men they are safest with. Why should your wife risk her life by fighting side by side with you to defend you from carnivores, when she can ensure her life by letting you be killed? And men too, will trade their higher standards for survival. The most basic of life-death options will become visible at such awful times. Spirituality that is weak will just be washed away by impulsive survival instincts. Only the strongest hearts will stay pure. Only the strongest of the good, will remain good. The survival scenario which you are talking about on this thread, if it eventuates, will not be like a camping trip, it will be life and conflict by the most basic and primitive laws of survival, not seen since the stone-age, and made more intense even than then by the great numbers of people occupying land unable to support their number. I expect you have thought of this to some extent, but I wonder how well prepared you really are. For the true preparation for all of life's hard times is not so much in preparing clothing or in food supplies, for these are the surface things, but more in preparing mind, conscience and heart - in increasing the clarity of mind, and strengthening the functioning of conscience and heart. I am sure you know this anyway; it is just a friendly reminder - not that I am suggesting such times are coming, just saying that true preparation is preparation to deal with anything.      

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Feb 6th, 2012 at 12:31pm
  Oh so heavy brother!   Can i bear the weight you ask?  I'll have to.  I already know that there is a strong probability i will be killed in the not so distant future and i've made my peace.  I pray as our Teacher prayed, "not my will, but the Will of the Creative forces be done in and through me."

  But yes, i've given it more than just some thought.  I will do as much for others as i am able, but at the same time, i see nothing bad or wrong with death and dying and those who transition will generally have a much easier time than those who will stay.  Many will transition fairly quickly after.

  It is my hope that i will be able to develop myself to be able to not need much in the way of food, shelter, and the basic necessities, so that i can focus more on giving to others in times of need.   

  For Becky, in her dreams and visions, she has seen herself with a rifle, and i don't think it's a bad idea for her since these kinds of developments can be tougher for women than for men in certain ways.   She is a very strong minded and very spiritually centered woman when push comes to shove, and being my Twin Soul she has always been and always will be a help meet to me and i to her.  We are as One as two humans can be without being themselves purely Love yet.

  Also, both of us having been given glimpses into some of the most probable unfoldment's, we are both heartened to see many people coming together faster in unity than you or others may think.  Partly it will be a necessity thing.

More people will realize that to survive and thrive will require working together with others in harmony, for along with these outer changes taking place, will be inner changes as well.  One thing which is happening even now, is a speeding up in the vibratory patterns of even the Earth herself and in a growing percentage of people.  This is being facilitated by the great Center of this Galaxy (and many levels of powerful Beings of Light), which is like an outer representation or physical symbol of the Christ Force and Consciousness.

  Yes, some will become very animalistic and even more savage than any animal could or would be, but the seeds of their own destruction will be sown in their very intent. and they will not last long or be well tolerated by the majority of good intent. 

  In any case, yes, it still will be challenging, even greatly so at times, but i have plenty of hope and faith things will eventually work out for the good.   Friendly E.T.'s will be offering some help as well. 

  If one can dematerialize and materialize at will so called, what can others do to you other than what you allow them to do?   That, among other things, will be one of my potential abilities in the nearish future as well as being able to read anyone like a book.  These abilities i'm in the process of developing, will come in handy during these challenges.   I've been getting various messages from within and without lately, that there is the probability of following in the Teachers footsteps in certain ways and manners. He said we could and would, and he was not lying.  Have faith in him and his promises, if not in me.  There are others here on this Earth with this probable potential as well.  I've been preparing for this since i was about 13 or so through both conscious awareness and through dedication to Spirit and spiritual growth and by and through having had a constantly challenging/testing life pattern. 


Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by crossbow on Feb 7th, 2012 at 12:01am
Whatever comes with the future I hope you deal with it well.

I can't see the future as such, but I can see the present from another angle because I can leave the body. I can get up high and watch the nation's auras and feel their energies. Its like getting high above the road and seeing the traffic conditions and the road conditions further ahead, over the hill or around the corner. It enables one to predict what is going to happen because the bigger picture is visible. But its still only a prediction because over 30 years I have seen the colours and intentions change and have seen things that were about to happen get altered so they didn't happen. Of course there are some things that can't change which are on our road and they are set to happen. But I am hesitant to say what I have seen. I have developed a long habit of keeping such things to myself. At least for now, I keep it to myself. Your envisaged scenario could have happened in the late '80s or early '90s but it didn't. There were contrary efforts and energies that altered it. I watched them. I saw from up above what was likely to occur and I saw millions praying and making different energy, and millions more doing their best in their own lives, and I saw the right people being drawn into the right places/jobs, and what was going to happen didn't happen. So because I was fortunate to have seen and lived through that, I am now hesitant to predict anything for certain, even if I can go up and see it on the road ahead. And yes what you say could happen in the coming decade, or the next or the next, or the next. But there are many energies all blending and conflicting with each other. No one really knows for sure how they will pan out, what will happen or when. Although the planet's geographical patterns can be seen for reasonable certain, by those who can leave body and see them - these are set and cyclic. And karmic/consequential comeback is regulated, both individualy and collectively, and on a collective national and racial scale tends to coincide with the planet's cycles to some degree, so can be predicted to some degree, but only by those who quite a bit of skill and they are few. And freewill is free, all 7 billion of them, all unknown variables, makes it hard to predict. These billions of variables altered a great conflict before, they can do it again.    

I'll say this, that one of my favourite studies is world/racial/national//social/group affairs from up above looking down. (because it is the only way to see what's going on) And yes there is great conflict, schemes, betrayals, hatred and love going on down here. And things do look bleak. But the best way to deal with future is to live the present well. Then the future will look after itself.

wrote on Feb 6th, 2012 at 12:31pm:
  If one can dematerialize and materialize at will so called, what can others do to you other than what you allow them to do?   That, among other things, will be one of my potential abilities in the nearish future as well as being able to read anyone like a book.   


By the way, if you learn to dematerialise and rematerialise, you are welcome to come and visit me - as long as you wont mind me giving you a few pinches and good shaking to assure myself that you really are rematerialised and not cheating by astral traveling.

I have tried to solidify a hand when out of body to effect the physical plane, but I haven't been able to. I have learnt the theory of how it is done but the skill level is too much for me to do, and I have other physical life responsibilities to deal with.

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Feb 7th, 2012 at 2:19pm
  Hi Crossbow,

   You bring up some good points, and I'm aware that there have been things in the past that have been delayed and altered.  Bruce Moen talks about this a little bit in his work.  At one point, earlier on, he and some others were seeing some pretty horrific stuff, but later on they were told that the severity of this (and perhaps the timing as well, though he doesn't specifically say) had been altered at this later point. 

   But, some measure of collapse will and needs to happen.  It doesn't have to be horrific and involve a great world war.  I'm not talking about such things.   It can involve simply just one very large and powerful Solar burst/flare that wipes out satellites and fries all electrical grids, computer systems, etc.   

  It wouldn't have to necessarily kill too many people directly on it's own even.  But when that electricity goes down, and the back up generators of grocery stores runs out of gas (as they will), then people have a choice.   Get back to the land and communal living similarly as the way of the Native North and South Americans, Aborigines, etc or starve,  or become worse than animals. 

  I understand that there are many variables and perhaps to some extent any talk of specific timing is perhaps a mistake since the timing can, does, and has changed before, but it will not be delayed invariably. 

  Relating to this, is a dream message i had a few years ago--an unusual, very vivid, and intense dream.  In the dream I was talking to others about the changes and in the dream i knew i was talking to them from an awareness of what Yeshua knew and wanted regarding these changes.   

  I told them that Yeshua wanted these changes to happen so he could fulfill the spiritual transformation of this world.  I knew that this couldn't and wouldn't happen without such outer and more extreme catalysts. 

  We passed the point of no return, and as we draw closer and closer, the more clearly can be seen the more and more stable probability factors can be seen.

  It has been delayed by him and others before, but being the "Planning Intelligence" and the Co-Creator of this 'area of consciousness' that he is and always has been before he took on a lifetime and personality called "Yeshua", it will not be delayed and pushed back much longer. 

It would now take a radical 180 degree turn of the majority of humanity to now change the probability factors and general timing.   

But more importantly, as i mentioned in my last post on the "Cycles of, change and civilization altering processes", this has become less about the average person, and more about the .1 percent of the population which has a strangle hold on the larger society. 

   It is these that need to be, and will be taken out by these outer catalysts.  In many of their cases their hearts are so hardened, so inured to the suffering of others, and they are so influenced by dark forces (like that E.T. group i sometimes talk about), that they cannot be reached or changed any other way. other than being taken out of the equation. 

  So, this is what it boils down to.  The Planning Intelligence/Co-Creator has given them plenty of time and energy to change their ways, and they have spat in His face time and time again, and now He becomes the Taskmaster and no nonsense though He loves them as much as He loves us.    

  Their time is up and their sick party is being broken up by the police.   These willful, bratty little ones are simply being given a needed time out in a corner for a time. And humanity will be allowed to reach it's full potential without their oppressive weight on our backs.


Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by crossbow on Feb 7th, 2012 at 10:00pm
Perhaps things will unfold much as you say, or partly as you say, or perhaps your view is partial. We will see in time I suppose.

I do see and sense calamities ahead, and calamities are sure to be, for there has always been calamities - the black plague, the fire of London, the many great wars and famines - and I am sure there will be more. And I am sure that as the human races and their respective energies continue to converge, and as the natural and human cycles turn and come about, and coincide as cycles tend to do, then calamities and turnovers must increase in their severity, be greater than they were when the racial energies were parallel and separate.      

Are you willing to say which group/demographic you are referring to which you say is hard hearted and due for removal from the equation?

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin aka Vasya on Feb 8th, 2012 at 1:56am
  It is no one group or demographic per se, but those who have sold their soul to mammon, and who have made money and power their god and who view the average person as nothing more than a number, a part of the cattle herd, and they themselves as lords over the serf.  They want everything to be privatized and able to be owned and controlled--even eventually the Earth's most basic and important resources---like water. 

  You can find them in various areas of life, but always in positions of great material wealth, power, and influence, but not necessarily in the limelight as in political figures and the like.   Many are more in the shadows.

If one group is perhaps more populated by these psychopathic power mongers, it is probably the World banking families that come from very old and very wealthy money and influence, and who have their hands in pretty much every important cookie jar there is--certainly deep within many governments. 

  I'm not saying that we can lump all people in this group together, i'm sure there are some kind and truly philanthropic types even within these families.  People that use their wealth and influence to help others. 

   Then you have the somewhat more public, but not quite as wealthy or powerful people like the Cheney's and the Murdoch's of the world who are in this general group and who have sold their souls and only care about ever more money, power, and influence. 

  When i've tried to tune into some of these more visible and public folks--it's like tuning into almost a complete lack of PUL. 

  It's almost hard to believe how cold and ruthless a human can become, and yet be high and respected in the world at the same time. 

     It was these types, who in his times,  plotted our teachers death.  Often they cycle in and out fast, not learning much spiritually, but addicted to the Earth game and always trying to get to the "top" materially.  They've become very good at doing this and creating corrupt systems of finance and government that benefit them and their lackies. 

  They were called the "Sons of Belial" in Atlantis, and were partially responsible for some of the destructions that happened there.   

  Once in a great while, one of them wakes up and actually does grow spiritually, and gets out of the cycle of inanity and insanity, but so far it seems to be pretty rare. 

  Anyways, yeah, for awhile they will be given a time out.  "Nope, no bodies for you, sorry guys, Big Dude's order this time.  And don't you try to slip into anyone elses, dudes, we got our eyes on you guys." 

  Yes, my view is definitely partial for sure--since i'm not completed, but when the Teacher of teachers tells me something, you can bet your arse i listen and trust what i'm being told. 

  I would suggest less OBE's above the world and more communication with him to get the really big pictures of what's going on.  The Teacher respects the freewill of All, but he is letting these dig their own self destructive holes and sitting back and not going to help them materially. 

  As the Teacher told Bob Monroe when Bob exclaimed a bit in surprise after hearing about the Teacher's plan for a world wide transformation in humanity not due to any isms or human inventions *but necessity is severe stuff, the world would have to be in rough shape*, the Teacher replied "that's why the waiting, the time will come."

  Notice he did not say, "the time may come, might possibly come depending", etc, etc, but the time WILL come.  The dream message i told you earlier about that i had received, had a very similar tone and statement to it even though it was many years after Monroe had his very surprising and enlightening run in with the Teacher. 

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by crossbow on Feb 8th, 2012 at 5:55am

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by hawkeye on Mar 13th, 2012 at 6:29pm
My preparation for the fall has been to clean and oil my rifles, and pick up a little extra ammo. The rest should pretty well take care of its self or fall into line as I need it.   

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Bardo on Mar 14th, 2012 at 6:58pm
You will be right at home in the new world.

Title: Re: Cha Cha Changes & Preparations for same
Post by Justin on Oct 17th, 2015 at 4:06am
  Some of my views of survival and preparation have changed, particularly in relation to clothes.  I like to hike and camp in the mountains, especially in the fall and winter and early spring times and honed my systems over the years to become as light, durable, and efficient as possible in combination. I've started to design and make or modify some of my own clothes and gear.

    For colder and/or wetter and cooler weather, my current system looks like the following: a light weight, mostly nylon fish net shirt for a top--nylon is one of the lightest and least stinky of the synthetics. 

   Something wicking and light to go over same.  I'm partial to polyesters with polygiene treatments and to a lesser extent, combos of wool or alpaca with a decent percentage of synthetic (at least 35% total), or a thin, wicking nylon shirt. 

  Light weight windshirt over that.  Fabrics with EPIC or EPIC like treatments are the best, as it's a truly "durable" DWR coating. (DWR stands for "durable water resistance"), which can last about the life of the garment vs the much shorter lives of other treatments, many which also require a drier to refresh the treatment.

  For really wet weather, a poncho either made out of a durable WPB fabric is really good, or like the one i have, i took a completely waterproof and durable poncho and cut out a rectangle on the front chest and stomach areas, and sewed some highly water resistant fabric onto it. It was quick and easy, and increases the comfort noticeably, though a full WPB poncho is better. 

   If it's more severely cold, then under the windshirt but over the 2nd layer, something made with Polartec's Power Dry High Efficiency Grid fleece with polygiene treatment is excellent.  Something like a Patagonia Capilene 4 hoody for example, is an excellent all around cool to cold weather piece of gear.  With the combination of a fish net baselayer, a wicking layer over that, and the high efficiency grid fleece over all that and under a windshirt, well with gloves and a hat, you can deal with a wide range of temps both static and active at not a lot of weight and pretty durable. 

  I hate to say it, but Down is much more efficient, lighter weight, and more durable than most other insulators for rest. Some Down is more ethically sourced than others. 

  For hot weather now i prefer light, thin, breathable wicking nylon, linen or hemp and synthetic blends, or synthetic and tencel blends.  But i live in a damp, humid, muggy climate. 

   Cotton or all linen or hemp is fine for dryer and hotter climates.  But if you live in the desert or near desert like climates, having a back up, warmer top or bottom for nighttime is a good idea.  Both cotton and linen are too cool when it's damp and it's cool out. 

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