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In February 1996 I attended the first of two Exploration 27 programs at The Monroe Institute, a program in which participants explore specific areas of Focus 27 called Centers. My third book, Voyages Into the Afterlife: Charting Unknown Territory contains very detailed discriptions of many of these Centers revealing much about the inner workings of this Afterlife area. The following excerpt is taken from an exploration of a portion of the Reception Center called the Reentry Station, the place in Focus 27 human beings pass through on their way to lifetimes in the physical world.


Copyright: Bruce A. Moen, All Rights Reserved

During our next program tape exercise our task was to explore how human beings move from Focus 27 into physical lifetimes on the earth. I arrived first at my place in Focus 27, noticing the hanging canvas chairs were occupied as usual by people who were always there waiting. After talking with them about the insights I'd gained during the previous exercise examining the chair and playing with the clover, it was time to leave and meet up with my group of fellow explorers at the crystal. Bob and Ed were there waiting again when I arrived, motioning for me come over to where they were standing.

"That clover of yours was an interesting creation," Bob remarked.
"Sure left me with some questions!"
"Good! A little something for that curiosity of yours to play with," Bob laughed.
"Maybe somewhere along the way you'll find some answers," Ed casually remarked.

Then it was time to leave for my encounter with the Entry Directory (ED), the guy who supposedly knew about how humans entered lifetimes on the earth. After taking on a charge of energy from the crystal with the rest of the group, I placed my intent to find the ED. I shot straight up through the roof and into blackness. After a brief sense of movement the tower I'd seen earlier, with the two bell shapes, came into view. Very tall, it looked like a radio antenna tower with two huge bell shaped objects at the top. The small ends of the bell shapes joined together and appeared to be fastened, horizontally, to the tower at its very top. Stopping to look more closely, I became aware of someone standing behind me.

"Are you the Entry Director I'm supposed to talk to?" I thought out to the presence behind me.
"Well, let's just say I'm one of many who attend to the operation of the Reentry Station and I can probably answer your questions."
"I'm a member of a group in a program called Exploration 27 at The Monroe Institute back on earth. We're all here to learn about the inner workings of Focus 27."
"Yes, I know. Your buddy, Bob Monroe, told us your group would be coming for a tour of the place. How can I be of assistance?"
"Is this thing I'm looking at, the tower with the bell shapes at the top, is that the Reentry Station?"
"What does it do and how does it work?"
"Look closely around the big open end of the bell shape at the left and tell me what you see," the ED suggested.
"I see a flow of something entering the open end of the bell shape," I described.
"Direct your attention to that flow and tell me what you see there," the ED continued.
"I see a cylindrical flow of little bits of yellowish-gold light, all moving together into the bell shape."
"Look closely at the bits of light."
I moved closer to the flow to get a better look.
"They all have generally the same size and shape, and they're emitting light. They look a little like cocktail shrimp after they've been cooked and peeled, kind of the shape of little cheese curls. I've seen these things before in a place I call the Flying Fuzzy Zone. These curls look the same, but in the Flying Fuzzy Zone they fly all around like moths buzzing a bright light. What are these things?"
"Focus your attention on them, what do they feel like?"
After gazing at them for several moments I got the precept, "I'll be a son of a . . . those curls are people! Each one is a separate human being!"
"They seem to be in some kind of 'dormant' state. Not too much activity going on in them, not much thinking. More like they're asleep and waiting. Why are they like that, and why are they entering the bell shape of the Reentry Station?"
"Come on, follow me," the ED replied, "we'll go inside the station so you can take a look."
There was a quick feeling of movement and then I was standing at the center the of the area where the small ends of the two bells joined. I could plainly see the flow of curls being compressed as it passed through this area.
"This part of the station is called the constriction," the ED volunteered.
"This section seems to be putting the curls under pressure. Why?" I asked.
"Preparation for entry into physical world reality. The awareness of each curl is compressed here to help hold it together and stay focused in one place long enough to make the transition."
"I'm getting the sense that compression also closes down its conscious awareness of nonphysical reality in general, including awareness of nonphysical aspects of itself. Is that a result of compressing a curl's conscious awareness?"
"Yes. Physical world reality is a pretty crowded place. By compressing the curl's awareness into one place, it's more concentrated. It's better able to focus, concentrate if you like, on its tasks and purposes once its in the physical world. Less apt to be distracted by input overload from the high level, M-band noise pressure."
"Input overload? High level M-band noise pressure?"
"At the level of physical world reality there are presently over five billion human inhabitants packed onto a very small place called earth. Everyone living there is constantly broadcasting their thoughts and feelings into that close quarters environment. They're like five billion little radio stations all broadcasting their own, unique talk shows into the airwaves at the same time. Those thoughts and feelings are what we call M-band noise. There are so many people broadcasting at once, all pushing their thoughts and feelings out into the environment, we call it high level, M-band noise pressure."
"Does closing down a curl's level of awareness by compression in the constriction section have something to do with limiting the effect of that M-band noise?" I asked, responding to impressions I was getting as I watched the curls pass through. "It limits the curl's ability to sense things in the nonphysical environment, doesn't it." "Yes it does. You see, if a curl's conscious awareness remained fully expanded to its normal size during and after entry into physical world reality it couldn't function. It's being constantly bombarded by a great percentage of the M-band noise. Finding its own memories and thoughts amongst that blaring jumble would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. At its normal level the curl's awareness would be in a constant state of complete and utter chaos, as a result of the input overload. Such overload would make progress on a curl's purpose for being in physical world reality impossible. The compression step of the reentry process concentrates the curl's awareness into a very small area, allowing it to be less aware of M-band noise."
"So compression reduces conscious awareness of nonphysical reality. But doesn't that also make it so the curl has no memory of what happened to it or decisions about its purpose made before entry into the physical world?"
"Well, yes, sort of. Memory of those decisions and contact with the Greater Self, your Disk or Monroe's I/There, is also almost completely blocked by the compression. You see, compression works on the level of the curl's conscious awareness. That doesn't mean those memories and contacts are removed or totally inaccessible, they're just compressed into the subconscious. They are fully accessible, but ordinarily only at the curl's subconscious levels.
"Wouldn't be better to let curls decide whether they want this to happen or not?"
"They do decide, Bruce. Each curl understands and agrees to this as part of the reentry process. It's not a rule imposed upon the curl by anyone, it's part of the preparation necessary for survival in the environment. You could think of it like the old fashion, deep sea diving suits. You know, the ones with the big heavy helmet and air hose hooked to a pump on the surface. To withstand the pressure and survive while exploring the ocean bottom in the old days, divers had to wear the suit. Compression at the Reentry Station is where the curl puts on that suit."
"I'm getting that M-band noise is somehow similar to the water pressure at the bottom of the ocean in your metaphor," I said, responding to incoming impressions.
"Very good! M-band noise IS like the water of the ocean. As you go deeper toward the ocean bottom, physical world reality, M-band noise pressure becomes greater. Once a curl reaches physical world reality M-band noise pressure actually helps maintain compression of its conscious awareness within the limits of its physical body."
"What do you mean?"
"Remember, we are talking about conscious awareness of the curl. If the diver, in my metaphor, tries to expand himself at the bottom of the ocean he has to push outward against the surrounding water pressure. If a curl attempts to extend its conscious awareness beyond the confines of its body it encounters the M-band noise of all the other inhabitants. Just like a diver extending himself beyond his suit and feeling the water, a curl extending its awareness beyond its body becomes aware of the blaring jumble of the M-band noise. The thoughts and feelings of the other inhabitants begin to come into the curl's awareness. It's such a jumble it tends to breakup the concentration and focus required to further extend its awareness. Prolonged contact with the surrounding M-band noise leads to wandering thought trains that jump from one track to another as thoughts and feelings of others flood into the curl's thus triggering memory associations. After a while, curls generally stop trying to expand their awareness, since they so easily lose the train of thought necessary to do so. That's how M-band noise pressure tends to maintain compression of conscious awareness. Some curls continuing trying to expand their awareness into the M-band noise and some of the successful ones are often labeled psychotic."
"How can curls safely get through the M-band noise to expand their awareness?" I wondered out loud.
"By learning to focus their attention not through the M-band noise, but beyond it. If the curl learns to focus its awareness at a level of consciousness where the M-band noise is attenuated or nonexistent, expansion is much easier. Meditation is an useful, time tested method and the one you're using seems to work pretty well."
"The method I'm using?" I asked, puzzled.
"You learned to focus your attention beyond the M-band noise using the sound patterns of hemi-sync. Remember something in the advertising about coherent brain wave states. You learned to maintain your focus and avoid the jumble by shifting your conscious awareness past M-band noise and into states you call Focus levels. Focus 10, Focus 21 and so on are levels of human consciousness with greatly reduced M-band noise."
"I see what you mean. The hemi-sync the tool I stumbled upon allowed me to remain in a coherent, focused state as I expanded my awareness past the M-band noise and into states beyond it!"
"You sound surprised! Hemi-sync is an adaptation of a long known technique. As for stumbling upon it, later you might want to check for filament of awareness connections between yourself and the guy who introduced that system. For right now let's get back to the to the purpose of your tour," the ED said cryptically.
"Okay. I'm getting that compression also causes the curls to lose memory of where they came from. It's the reason so few have any past life memories or awareness of anything that exists beyond their present physical world."
"Yes, that's a byproduct of the compression. Again, compression pushes these memories into the curl's subconscious, by definition that means the curl is not consciously aware of them. Typically, they are unable to extend their conscious awareness through the M-band noise to access 'outside' sources of the information either. These, so called, outside sources of information exist in awareness levels adjacent to the physical. Past life memories, the focus levels you're aware of, lots of information sources exist in these adjacent levels of awareness. Of course the information is carried inside the curl too, but few learn to focus inward to find it there. Curl's, compressed as they are have little if any conscious awareness of that information stored within themselves, and the M-band noise tends to cut off access to adjacent sources. Of course there are some exceptions, in fact, here comes one now," the ED said, as he directed my attention to the incoming flow of curls.

Focusing my attention to where he pointed, I saw what my Tour Guide was referring to. In amongst all the other little curls in the flow was one at least ten times their size. It stood out as the biggest, brightest curl in view.

"Big Fish, we call them," the Tour Guide said. "What do you get from that one?"
Reaching out to sense the Big Fish, it seemed more awake and active then the other curls. I watched as it moved through the constriction and then exited off to my right.
"Seems to be more aware and active then the others. It knew about the compression process it was going to go through and maintained its awareness while passing through it. I get that it remembered most of what it entered with after passing through the constriction," I replied, relating my impressions.
"Big Fish have developed the ability to be consciously aware of far greater 'volumes' of information. They pass through the constriction losing very little of their multidimensional awareness. They're exceptionally well suited to bringing awareness of adjacent realities, and of human existence in them, into the physical world. Many live lives in which they share their multidimensional awareness with others living in physical world reality who are lacking it. By doing so they help others become Big Fish," the ED said, with a wistful pride.
While pondering the implications of little curls and Big Fish, something else in the flow caught my eye. There were four curls, a little above average size, that appeared to be connected together along some kind of lighted filament. They looked like shrimp on a string with two, close together, leading the way, followed by two others spaced close together, further along the string.
"Could be a family of four, or just four curls planning to act on a common purpose," the ED Tour Guide explained before I could ask the question. When we see them strung together like that, we know they have a prior agreement about something that requires they pop into the physical world in a certain time sequence."
"So if it was a family of four, the two in the lead are probably the parents and the next two will be their kids?"
"Yeah. And if it's not an actual family, with parents and children, it could be just that those four have to arrive in a specific time sequence."
That phrase, specific time sequence triggered a question, "Is that group headed for Focus 15?"
"Of course, every curl goes to 15 after they finish compression. I don't have time right now to go into all the details of what happens from then on, so don't ask. That will all be covered later in your tour," the ED said, cutting off the whole line of questions I was forming. "Groups like those four are usually tied into a cooperative effort aimed at carrying out individual and group purposes."
"Like, maybe those first two have to bring a discovery into physical world awareness that the second two will later utilize. In the case of that specific group, the second curl will be traipsing through a jungle when he meets the first one, a native medicine man, a local shaman. Their combined knowledge of drugs and diseases will uncover the healing properties of a certain plant. Years later, the second two curls will meet when they each deliver research papers at the same medical conference. They'll discover they've both been working independently to bring the use of the plant's properties, discovered by the other two, into practical use. They'll join forces to carry on their work together as man and wife. That's when they'll start working on the most important joint purpose for the entire group's entry."
"Most important purpose?"
"With the inflated egos those two have it's going to be quite a challenge for them to learn to love through each other," the ED said, with concern in his voice. "At least they're got their love of humanity bonding them together. Working toward practical use of the that plant's properties for the good of mankind is a real plus in that department."
"How do you know all that, or are you just making it up?" I asked inquisitively.
"I'm not making it up, I know because I can read curl, and because my awareness extends beyond what you're used to."
"Who decided what their purpose was and what they were going to do to accomplish it? Sounds like predestination, like they have no choice."
"Those curls made all those choices for themselves. You could call it predestination I suppose, as long as you remember they made all the decisions effecting their destinies and agreed to work as a group before they came to the Reentry Station."
"So there is predestination!"
"Of course! They decided what they were going to do, and now they're going to go do it. You can call it predestination if you like, as long as you remember who made the decisions," the ED stated flatly.
"I want to know more about that string that connects them and what it has to do with when they arrive in the physical world?"
"That string, as you call it, is a filament of awareness that connects them now and will remain in place throughout their lives. You could also call it a section of a time/event line. The string is part of the process of insertion into time frames in the physical world and the Big Clock gets used as part of that process."
"What are time/event lines and what's the Big Clock?" I asked excitedly, hoping to learn more about the Focus 15 angle.
"I'd suggest you save those questions for your visit to The Planning Center. They can explain it better in the context of what they do there."
"Okay, thanks. I'll make a mental note to do that."
"Don't worry. If you don't remember I'm sure your Tour Guide there will have gotten the word to remind you."
"Take a close look a the curls in the flow again. Pick out a group on a string and look real close at the filament of awareness associated with them. Here comes a group of three now, check out the area directly behind the group."
"I don't see anything other than that they're connected together by a fine bright filament. . . Wait a sec . . . There's an even finer filament trailing them. In fact, now that I can see that one, I see all the other curls in the flow have the finer filament trailing them too. Didn't notice it before, what is that?"
"Do you remember the story of Curiosity you wrote in your first book? Do you remember Curiosity's Probes?"
"Yes, why?"
As I waited for the Tour Guide's answer, it hit me like a forty foot wave crashing into a sea wall and I caught insights in the spray.
"Those are Probes! Those filaments trailing each curl are their connection to their Disks, the things Monroe called I/There! Those filaments are what provide transfers of awareness between the Probe and its Disk! I saw my filament and followed it back to my Disk during a vision in the mid 1970's. That's how I became aware of the my Greater Self, my Disk, my I/There!"
"Glad you caught on to that, Bruce, As you continue your tour of Focus 27 during your program, I'd like to suggest you be open to learning more about who and what you really are. There's more to learn."
Looking closely at the filaments trailing the curls again I noticed something odd. "That group of three I saw had only one filament trailing it. Some of the other groups I see have more than one filament trailing them. Why is that?"
The ED just stood there looking at me, waiting for me to get the answer on my own. Then it hit me! "Those three curls with the single filament are all from the same Disk, aren't they!"
"And the ones with more than one trailing filament?" the ED asked.
"Not all the curls on the connecting string are from the same Disk!", I blurted out. "What are the implications of that?" I asked.
"Like I said, there's more to learn, but that's one you'll have to explore and discover for yourself."
For several moments I floated in silence, trying to get more insight into what my Tour Guide seemed to be alluding to. Not getting much I decided to pursue something else.
"I'm puzzled by something."
"Wouldn't it be better if all curls who reentered physical reality lifetimes carried more of their memories in their conscious awareness? Wouldn't I have a better shot at carrying out my purpose in life if I knew what it was? Couldn't the compression process of the Reentry Station be modified to allow that to happen?"
"In some cases, like Big Fish, much of such memory remains intact and easily accessible. And there are things that can be done to help a curl move toward Big Fish awareness levels. Part of that process is the curl learning to feel what's going on inside its awareness, becoming aware of what's stored within it's subconscious. That process also involves becoming aware of what's available in adjacent levels of awareness. That's an internal learning process all curls go through as they make progress towards becoming Big Fish. But to do that within the M-band noise of physical reality, one must utilize the emotional charge and emotional impact of events in physical world reality. Emotional impact is part of the earth school training system, part of learning to feel and become a Big Fish."
"So remembering too much would interfere with learning, Big Fish training if you will?"
"It tends to reduce the emotional impact of events which normally help a curl learn to feel what's inside itself. Think of it this way, if someone told you all the details of a suspense thriller you were planning to see at the theater, including the climactic ending, what would it do to a movie's emotional impact on you?"
"If I knew everything ahead of time, including how the movie ended, most of the emotional impact would be gone."
"And you might experience less or weaker feelings in response to what happened on the screen?"
"I see what you mean, emotional impact helps us learn to feel and so we curls don't remember our purpose in life because it might spoil our movie?"
"Something like that. There's also learning to use the filament connection to consider."
"What's the filament of awareness connection got to do with becoming a Big Fish," I asked, not seeing any possibilities.
"Becoming aware of that connection can lead to awareness of your Disk. That in turn can lead to an accelerated opening of awareness by virtue of the information available via that connection to the Greater Self. Surely, you of all people, can see the possibilities in that!" the ED said, like I really ought to have figured it out already.
"Oh . . . you mean my vision of the Disk way back in the middle '70's. I see what you mean! Once I had some limited awareness of my Greater Self, and my connection to it, the pace of my growing opening picked up. Gee, you mean I'm in training to become a Big Fish?" I questioned proudly.
"Bruce, all curls are in training to become Big Fish," he said, taking a little wind out of my sails.
Dar's voice startled me when it cut into my conversation with the Tour Guide at the Reentry Station, suggesting it was time to return to the crystal at TMI There.
"That's my signal to go back to physical world reality, I got so involved in our conversation I forgot this is just a tape exercise in a program. Seems like there's a lot left unanswered."
"As you continue your tour you're free to keep asking questions of anyone you meet and of course, let that curiosity of yours have free rein. Feel free to come back and visit me whenever you like."
"Before I leave, since you read curl and all, can you give me anything on my purpose during my present lifetime?"
"Sure," he said as he flipped me a thought ball, "but you already know most of it, so nothing in this one should come as any big surprise."
"Thanks, ED, you put on quite a tour, and thanks for this," I said, holding up the thought ball.
On my way back to the crystal, moving through blackness, I excitedly opened the thought ball, anticipating some great revelation. It said: "You entered this lifetime as a retrieving type to recover many of yourselves and those with other Disks of origin. Most of all, you wanted to learn more about the energy called Love. Beyond telling you that, I wouldn't want to spoil your movie!" It was signed, "ED, Entry Director."

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