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39 Steps (Read 670 times)
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39 Steps
Nov 20th, 2019 at 6:27am
Possibly two succinct dreams (one night)...

I was at home, my dad's house. My grandma came in and told me a happy Christmas, and that Romy had arrived and was downstairs. I was busy with working on some project, but Grandma told me that Romy was looking attractive, which was odd because I knew what she looked like. She went on to mention Romy was looking lonely and there had been a couple of attempts at getting married with someone which had turned out to be an online scam.

Now understanding the implication, I went down to 'say hello' (in the dream I was single, and in real life Romy did express attraction to me).

I went down and some time skipped past, and perhaps here I was in another dream, as I found myself, and two other people (I don't think it was Romy and Grandma, though  it may have been) were trying to escape from police, in the same style as The 39 Steps (Hitchcock film), with the train being stopped by police and us sneaking off.

We ran hard up a kind of marshland and hid among the rolling hills from the police looking up from below.

When the train had left, I looked to the sunset, it was a beautiful red as it feel behind a close, tall hill.

We needed sunlight, so I hurried back down to the others who were hiding further down and told them we had to move, climb the hill to get the most of the sunlight and get an idea for the area before it set and we were left in the cold and dark.

They expressed exsaustion and unwillingness to go on. They pointed out a church which I hadn't noticed, as it was behind a thick as of trees, and the seclusion of this random area of countryside made it odd that a church should be there.

Shortly after going in and settling, I noticed that it had a nice, rather large organ. I opened it using the plastic key card which was beside it (which was odd, as every church organ I know had traditional metal keys), and took a look at the equipment. To manuels, no foot peddles, a couple dozen stops. I don't remember seeing pipes.

It was set very high. There was a stool but I would have been holding my hands to my chest to play it from that height. It appeared to be made to be stood at.
The man who I assumed do be the organist came over, balding, glasses, a green, countyside-style cost, and a smile.

He didn't say anything but nodded as though wanting me to play it. I recalled that I hadn't played anything on the organ for a few months and wouldn't remember anything well.

He asked if he should play something, which I told him he should.

He got the bellows started up and opened the windows. It was a curious design. The organ was set against the wall, against three windows  a were set into the wall with a 90-degree-angled wall. The stops were built into this angled wall, meaning the mechanism must have been in the sold concrete. This explained the height of the organ.

Further, these stops were set very far apart, with the manuels between then, with the windows set above, in place of where the space for sheet music and the working of the organ, so that the organist had a view of the outside works and the people passing by.

The organist expressed wondering how it worked and how to play it, and didn't play anything, appearing now to know how. It was amusing to me - why didn't even the organist know how to play his own organ?

The dream ended soon after.
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Re: 39 Steps
Reply #1 - Nov 22nd, 2019 at 8:47pm
You sure do have an imaginative and detailed dream like, Phox.   Smiley

I hope you're keeping them in a notebook along with any of your own dream interpretations.  Since you're so interested in your dreams, you'll be happy many years from now that you're keeping records of them.
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