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Jaime Butler (supposed Eric channeler) a fraud? (Read 1971 times)
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Jaime Butler (supposed Eric channeler) a fraud?
Sep 23rd, 2019 at 9:23pm
I am posting this on the off topic page rather than the afterlife knowledge page, because I doubt that Jamie Butler provides authentic afterlife knowledge.

Jamie is mainly known from the book "My Son and the Afterlife" written by Elisha Medhus.

Supposedly Jamie channeled Elisha's deceased son Eric.

I doubt Jamie's claims are valid for several reasons.

1. Many of the discussions sound contrived.
2. Some of the statements made by Eric (?) don't sound true.
3. He curses a lot, and I doubt a being from a higher realm would do so despite Eric's past way of speaking.
4. Jamie seems to receive much more information than other mediums.

Also, Jamie has supposedly channeled many deceased famous people including Hitler, Moses, Jesus, Einstein, Sai Baba, Abraham Lincoln and John Lennon, after Erick supposedly hooked her up with such people.

Sai Baba was a famous fake guru who claimed to be an incarnation of God, yet he sexually molested the children of his followers. He also was caught doing sleight of hand tricks as he tried to fool his followers into believing that he has magical powers.

Did Jaime actually channel Sai Baba, or did she pretend to do so because she was ignorant of his negative past? I'd bet money on the later. (below is a link to this supposed channeling)

Notice that Jaime claimed that while he was still alive,  Sai Baba manifested in a room she was in.

Some of the famous people she supposedly channeled provided false information about themselves.

Speaking of money, Jaime charges $450.00 for 30 minute session, and $650 for an hour. She has other ways in place to collect money, including going on tour as she supposedly channels Eric, and selling an E-board (Ouija). (A board that supposedly enables people to connect to Eric.) I doubt the spiritual depth and honesty of a person who would charge so much for a reading. After all, do people actually need to speak to her in order to get on with their lives? It would be honest for Jaime to say that they don't, because, otherwise, why would she make it so that only people who have money to throw away can speak with her.

I can't say I am one hundred percent certain about whether Jaime is a fake, but if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck, well then, it probably is a duck.

P.S. This is a part of my will, after I die, no fake channeler can pretend to channel me. I believe it is low consciousness for a person to pretend that they are channeling deceased people. How would such supposed channelers like it if some dishonest person misrepresented them?
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