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after physical death messages from my unborn grandchildren ? (Read 682 times)
Anthony Chipoletti
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after physical death messages from my unborn grandchildren ?
May 14th, 2019 at 5:24pm
An After Death Communication or just some clouds?

On the day, and at the exact time, of the ADC I was performing a Lakota ritual alone in the front yard of my deceased parent's home, at 2111 Leishman Avenue, Arnold, PA 15068.

There had been a drought in the area for at least a week. The ritual was to address the drought and I had no expectation at all about the children being involved in an ADC. The ADC was completely unexpected. During the ritual and about the same time as the ADC, a strong smell of fresh rainwater seemed to rise from the dried out lawn where I was standing and go up into the sky where the ADC appeared a few seconds later.

I had no active thoughts of the children at the time of the ADC, other than the memory of their deaths of course. However I was completely focused on the Lakota ritual I was performing alone in the front lawn. The ritual required a willing sacrifice of a treasured object of mine. I chose a cassette tape which actually had Rain in its title. It was a white noise meditation audio which I often used to relax and block out distracting sounds.

The ritual required me to stand on open ground, the lawn of my deceased parent's home in this case, facing west with feet spread about shoulder width. I ended the ritual by leaning backwards so my upper body was almost parallel to the ground, my head facing upward and toward the east. Then the ADC happened.

The entire sky appeared like a thick pink and blue blanket of cloud cover. One bright star appeared in its normal place in the sky directly above me. I took this to be Dakota, my grandson who had died at birth. Then as I gazed backwards toward the eastern horizon a less bright twinkling star appeared in a usual place in the sky except it seemed to be hiding behind a tall tree across the street from my parent's home. I took this to be my granddaughter who had died in the miscarriage. I was completely shocked by the appearance of the sky, the entire sky in all directions was covered by the pink and blue cloud cover and no other stars nor any break in the cloud cover appeared anywhere except for the two stars I described.

The ADC was completely sudden except there appeared to be a quality of eternity within the few seconds of the ADC, even though the ADC would certainly end in a few seconds, the actual relationship of the two children and every aspect and being in the true reality would always be there in love and compassion.
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