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a weird email (Read 1633 times)
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a weird email
Aug 28th, 2018 at 3:07am
17.8 i got an email but found it just today. It is an invitation to hotel in park Inwald in Poland (it is a neighbor country to me). They somehow know my email, my name and surname but the phone number was wrong. But it was phone number to my country so i searched quickly on pages where people report abusing phone numbers or mark them as neutral. From there i have found two companies (one deals with optic internet and the other with bicycles). Each company in different city and different part of the country.

By searching contact page on the first company i have found my name and surname and with this phone number. Well.. there exists another me in different city Grin. The only difference between his and my email was after the part with @.

So in the end just a mistake and not a message from a mysterious contact worth investigating. I laughed, sent back that email to this man and got back to work.
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Re: a weird email
Reply #1 - Aug 31st, 2018 at 8:28pm
Yeah that is really weird.  Good research to solve this.
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