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The Chosen One of the Dead Sea Scrolls, for Don (Read 2525 times)
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The Chosen One of the Dead Sea Scrolls, for Don
May 10th, 2017 at 2:35am
  Some years back, we had a disagreement regarding the Dead Sea Scroll manuscripts that talks about the Chosen One.  I asserted that it was a prophecy about Yeshua.  I did so based on the actual text and holistic meaning in same, and that it also mentioned this person would have red hair. 

  This was in the context of talking about a number of unrelated, but psychic oriented sources describing the physical looks of Yeshua, and all agreeing on the odd fact that he had red hair.  An NDE account by a Jewish woman with no previous interest in Yeshua, the former friend of Bob Monroe and ex military trained Remote Viewer Joe McMoneagle (See The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer’s Perception of Time, and Predictions for the New Millennium), two different Edgar Cayce Readings, and the Dead Sea Scrolls prophecy of the Chosen One. 

(Not mentioned at the time, but I later found out that PMH Atwater, during one of her NDE's, where she met with Yeshua, she also described him as having reddish hair.  We had lunch with her and her husband [we live about an hour away from them], and I mentioned I had just read one of her books and found her account/description of Yeshua to be interesting.  I asked her if she was familiar with how Cayce described him, and she said no, and in talking about her experience, she said she was surprised by how tall Yeshua was when she met him.  She had logically figured/thought he would have been shorter.) 

This debate came up more specifically in the context of Todd Burpo's "Heaven is for Real" book where his son Colton allegedly has an NDE and communicates with Yeshua during and after. 

Because Colton allegedly said that Yeshua looked like Akriane Kamarik's painting portrayal of Yeshua, and because Don bought into the former two hook line and sinker, then of course, none of the above sources were correct and furthermore, the Chosen One manuscript was either about Noah or some kind of Essene/Qumran fakery or the like. 

   Interestingly, I recently came across this book relating specifically to the Chosen One question and issue. The following is a description of the book's contents.  Note, years before, I argued almost the same exact thing as this Jewish biblical researcher/author did (the difference being that I related it to Yeshua).

     "The scroll marked 4Q534 (also labeled under the designations “4Qmess ar” and “4QElect of God”), has been much discussed in scholastic circles, since Jean Starcky first published an analysis of it, which appeared in “Les quatre étapes du messianisme à Qumrân,” in 1963. This “Elect of God” scroll tells of an individual called the “Chosen One of God” (בחיר אלהא), who will face opposition and conspiracies from all sides against his work (חשבוניהון).
    Starcky regarded this as referring to Mashiach Ben David, while Joseph A. Fitzmyer later would promote an interpretation that this referred only to Noah. There is, however, little evidence for the Noah hypothesis, as can be seen from the content of the passage itself and the description of the individual and their biography.*
    Andra Caquot suggested, instead that this text describes an Enochian redivivus, or gilgul ha’neshamah reincarnation. What is certain is that in the text, the individual is clearly described not yet having been born.* The scroll in question tells about the physical appearance of this בחיר אלהא, and about his education and future greatness. It then turns to the knowledge and wisdom possessed by the individual."

* My use of bold.  The above is excerpted from this page:

    Basically, the above author is using those rare attributes of humans...common sense and holistic logic.  So 5 different, unrelated, psychically derived sources all seem to agree on the same odd detail of Yeshua's looks.

  Btw, the authors reference to an Enochian redivivus is very interesting in the light that Cayce's work states that Enoch and Yeshua were part of the same Spirit. If folks are interested in the consistent depth and accuracy of Cayce's work, and the amount of service and sacrifice he lived for the benefit of others, I highly, highly suggest they read Sidney Kirkpatrick's very well and extensively researched biography about him, his work and life.
   It's important to note that Kirkpatrick went into the research not only as a skeptic of Cayce, but all spiritual, metaphysical, religious, and nonphysical type phenomena.  He was in his own words, a atheistic materialist with no previous interest in any of the former, but only scathing criticism and skepticism of it. 
   Just in researching Cayce's life and his work, he found himself morphing into a deeper and deeper believer in spiritual reality. 

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