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Two workshops in Denmark May 2012! (Read 2159 times)
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Two workshops in Denmark May 2012!
Jan 24th, 2012 at 8:19pm
Once again I've invited Bruce to do his five day workshop (Exploring the Afterlife and Partnered Exploration) in Denmark (Copenhagen), and this time also do the Self Exploration, Discovery and Self Healing Advanced Workshop here for the first time.

The first one is scheduled for the 17th-21st of May 2012, and the Advanced Workshop is scheduled for the 24th-28th of May 2012.

You can contact me at for further information. Previously we've had people coming all the way from Holland, Spain, Thailand, Ireland and France. The workshops are done without translation.

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Translator of Bruce's books in Danish and his  workshop host in Copenhagen. Also certified by Bruce to teach his Exploring the Afterlife workshop. Danish websites: and http://ufor
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