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Earth Life System Coordinating Intellegencies (Read 2178 times)
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Earth Life System Coordinating Intellegencies
Sep 13th, 2010 at 7:14am
Hi folks,
I'm working my way through Bruce's books -again! and it's fascinating how one's understanding of the subject seems to increase on a subsequent reading after leaving it for a while. I'm presuming that guides do a little background 'topping up' for us when we're over there while asleep (I can't remember that unfortunately Undecided)

Now to the point: I was reading yesterday about the ELSCI on page 96 and how the folks there can monitor and influence timelines to mitigate the effects of big changes. Now according to Babara Hand Clow ( some 12.000 years ago the solar system suffered a near catastrophe that left its mark on the entire human race's collective psyche. Ms. Hand Clow says that we're just about to rejoin the galactic society after this planet was 'put into quarantine' as a result of the catastrophe.
So the question that came to mind is: what were the ELSCI folks doing at the time of this catastrophe? Did they affect the timeline to guarantee the survival of the species, and if they didn't act, why not?
I notice on this board some fo9lks here have been given information about coming events including extra terrestrial landings that haven't happened according to the times they were given -does this imply that the ELSCI have already changed the probable future from as recently as 2006?
Te Earth changes mentioned by Bruce elsewhwere on this forum section may have changed already -I notice that Al Gore seems to have lost a tremendous amount of credibility in some areas and the whole global warming movement is foundering and is losing credibility and seen by some as just a money making scam.
For that matter, other planets in the solar system have been reported as heating up and surely we can't be responsible for that as well?
So is the potential and probable future being constantly altered from moment to moment by both our own actions and the ELSCI?

Any comments folks?

Best wishes,
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