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Re: A note of caution to students! (Read 2323 times)
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Re: A note of caution to students!
Feb 2nd, 2010 at 12:09pm
It took me a long time to recognize my particular way of experiencing things. I just assumed that there was a right way and a wrong way. That experiencing the non-physical was like experiencing the physical... it should be uniformly the same within a window of tolerance... in engineering tolerance is the allowed variation from a standard. For example… depending on the use… a screw could have some mm's of variation and still be able to be used in a variety of application… it might be a little loose but the application may not require absolute snug fitting. But, the screws that would fit the application would more or less look the same… they may have a philips head or a standard slit head, some might be gun metal metallic, brass, copper etc… but in the physical world they would not be massive different to the eye of other persons working in the environment.

But, in the non-physical everything can be very different… and still be accomplishing an end and the same end. Is there an ultimate reality that is uniform… probably… but because of the subconscious and unconscious filters which are unique to each of us we experience the same event differently… and with good reason… especially the experience of the Light phenomena… the Light phenomena is radiation… the radiation Robert Monroe is able to absorb and what each of us is able to absorb is orders of magnitude different… few of us can experience The Emitter and the Aperture in its real form. We would burn up… so many of us actually experience it in a way that we can but we don’t know we have… this has happened to me… and it took a year after the event and a lot of corollary study to realize what happened.

Anyway as you approach the exercises in AKG… don’t read ahead and don’t read forum accounts until you have done the exercises and had some person realizations from them… otherwise you may be stopped by feeling that you are not living up to what you are reading… KNOW THYSELF!!

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