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Seth Talks Retrievals (Read 3348 times)
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Seth Talks Retrievals
Dec 5th, 2008 at 10:30pm
Hi, I'm reading Seth Speaks again and have some reference pages validating that us physical beings go out of our body and assist others to higher levels of consciousness, although most of us are not bringing full memory of our experiences back into waking consciousness.

I will give some page numbers for reference, as well you can find accounts of retrievals in Bruce Moen's series of Afterlife books, and some in my book Road Signs and Gordon Phinn's book Eternal Life, How to Enjoy it.

It is the curious circumstance that a person can sometimes exit the body upon death, and be not aware that they have "died." This then is what the retriever will do, is inform them, this is so. There are usually nonphysical entities around and about awaiting to assist these persons as well. The physical out of body retrievers however, have an ability to make contact with these the more easily, because our astral bodies have a more like vibrational pattern, which can be perceived by those who still think they have a body to return to.
In most cases, a sudden death will cause a sense of being "lost."
In other cases, there are no family members to which the recently passed can zero in on to find and acclimate themselves to this new dimension of life. Or in some cases the individual did not believe in life after death and have no paradigm to guide them to their level of consciousness, and so for what is a brief spell, they may remain close in to ELS (earth life system) also known as the astral level, closest to the earth. We can assist these with some training to move on, and humans have been known to do this spontaneously, with no training, yet vague memories that something took place the night before, while they slept, and a good feeling always lingers in that case upon awakening.
page 146 Seth Speaks: the deep sleep state you may help recently dead persons, complete strangers, to acclimate to after-death conditions, even though this knowledge is not available to you in the morning.
and here on page 149: ..All necessary explanations are given to those who are disoriented. Those who do not realize that they are dead are here told of their true condition, and all efforts are made to refresh the energies and spirits.
page 120: You may or may not realize immediately that you are dead in physical terms. You will find yourself in another form, an image which will appear physical to you to a large degree, as long as you do not try to manipulate within the physical system with it...there is likened unto an honorary guard system made up of both physical and nonphysical beings who are ever ready to lend assistance. Those who are living in your system of reality perform these activities out of body, while the physical body sleeps...they help orient those who will not be returning to the physical body. Such persons may or may not retain memory of their can experience the after-death environment beforehand, and learn the conditions that will be encountered.

I am currently doing some organizing of material related to retrievals, which helps to establish the premise that the universe we live in is actually a benevolent universe, and that each of us contains a god spark with many capabilities to assist one another to higher planes of being alleviating confusion and suffering in this way.
thanks for the read and any stories of your own retrievals is most appreciated, in as great a detail and your memory allows. We also have a retrieval section of this forum which has some excellent accounts, as well we have archived some retrievals. Laughing Rain
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Re: Seth Talks Retrievals
Reply #1 - Aug 8th, 2009 at 1:51am
Wow, that's very fascinating, and seems to confirm those vague memories I have from my dreams often upon awakening, but can't seem to remember fully.

So, it is true then, that you often go out of body when you dream, and perform lots of retrievals? And most of them, you won't even remember? Seems to be the case, with me. Smiley

I feel often like I 'travel' a lot in my dreams, visiting places with lots of people often, but I seem to be exploring more than I am helping people. But I do interact with people, and even feel like many folks I see in my dreams are my friends there, even though I don't know them here in my physical life. Tongue But, most times, those dreams are vague, and I remember very little of them, they are so complex, also.

Anyway, I can't believe I am the first person to post a comment on this thread since it was posted here nearly a year ago. But I am happy to be the first. Wink

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