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Energy signatures as Related to Obe Practice (Read 1747 times)
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Energy signatures as Related to Obe Practice
Jul 17th, 2008 at 5:27pm
from mostly absent forum member BMc. we have this fine article. B is also an avid astral traveler, explorer and quite familiar with TMI and Bruce Moen's books.

He is also one I have met with during a few obes. He can also see certain future episodes now and again, like myself.


Energy Signatures

Most of us are used to perceiving our day-to-day life with our minds as we catalog the events in our life.   We also perceive the world around us with our heart mind.  Pretty much the way the mind does.  With the heart, it is more intuitive (feeling)  ďI have a feeling that.Ē

There is a lot more to this.  Iím just presenting this from my perspective based on experience.   Bruce Moen talks a lot about using the heart instead of the mind in his Voyage series.       Most of us have been doing this anyway.   

Iíve noticed that everything has itís own unique energy signature. Sort of like a fingerprint so to speak.   When we start using the heart mind, we start using the energy signature to perceive the world around us.  These unique I.D.ís go far beyond all of the dimensions, time and space.

This is usually what is happening when you see a complete stranger and have the very strong feeling that you know that person.   You are recognizing that person by their energy ID.     There are also many people you have established a love bond with that is carried far beyond time and space, as we know it.  You feel like you have known them forever even though it has only been a few short hours.   These bonds form the basis for cosmic family relationships where they are interacting with each other with multiple  incarnations or dives together down here.

People like  Sylvia Browne, and John Edwards pick up on the energy I.Dís of the people who have passed over.  Thatís how they bring the info back.  Their acting as translators.

While were at it. We have names down here. On the other side, names fade out even though they are still in use.  We go with their energy ID instead.  We perceive with our heart mind.  Thatís why most of your guides and angels are not particular about you giving them a name.  The use of a name is only a lower plane handle for our own benefit.

This reminds me of a scene from the musical XANADU, which has always been a favorite movie of mine. In one of the scenes, a lovesick man crashes into another dimension and meets Zeus. In the ensuing conversation, he asks Zeus how he knew his name.

Zeus tells himĒ we do not use those old fashioned names up here.Ē

You can fine-tune your ability to recognize a person by their energy signature by quieting the mind with some deep meditation.  Listen to the heart brain and try to feel what you can pick up or tune in on the people in your immediate orbit,  what do you ďfeelĒ when they are around ?    From there, start doing this with people who are no longer in your physical orbit, and people who have passed over.  Pretty soon you will know who is present without even seeing them.  People who have passed over are still around and in your orbit.

  In time, as you become more comfortable with using the heart mind, it will get easier.   Most of us do it anyway without thinking about it.   A friend of mind who does a lot of baby sitting  brought up a good point where she would memorize the E signature of the children she was baby sitting and their parents so that she would know who was behind the door when someone knocked, You can do this too.     Once you get a handle on someoneís   Signature, you can find them anywhere in the other worlds.    

Using the heart mind to perceive your universe will open up a lot of new worlds for you.   Donít be surprised if you find yourself chatting with your pets and even your plants and many so-called "inanimate" objects.   You will be surprised to find out how very much alive everything is around you.    We are always in the presence of God.

This is also why the American Indians were so in tune with their environment.  The Shamans became proficient in interacting with their universe using the heart mind. They would act as the translators for the higher energies.
  George Washington Carver uncovered many of the hidden secrets of the peanut by talking to them with his heart mind.  The medicine men found most of their cures by talking to the plants.   You can talk to your pets by slipping into a light meditative state and try to feel their energies. In just a matter of time, you will find yourself having a normal conversation with them using the heart mind.

*reprinted with permission, and due to popular demand of interested parties at this time during the shift in consciousness.
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