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THree tests of problem solving skills and logic (Read 2310 times)
Alan McDougall
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THree tests of problem solving skills and logic
May 29th, 2008 at 4:13am
This seems to be the best place to post this thread.

Forums try these two easy tests of logical thinking.

Their are twelve identical featureless balls of equal volume and size. One differs minutely in mass or weight if you like.

The task is to establish in three weighing steps using a very sensitive balance scale, like the scale of Libra. Which ball is different and if it is heaver or lighter. You can use any combination , three and three, four against four, anything you like but you must solve the problem in three weighs. You cant use a bathroom scale this would be useless.


Problem two

A person is rowing his bout upstream in a river flowing at three miles an hour at seven miles per hour relative, to the bank of the river. His hat falls off and only after 45 minutes does he notice this. He immediately turns around and rows at the same speed to get his beloved hat. (disregard the time taken for turning around for the purpose of this test).

How long does it take for him to catch up to his hat and retrieve it??

Last problem

A man sentenced  to death is given a choice. He is put in a room with two PC computers, one is programed to only lie, and the other programed to only tell the truth. There are two exit doors , one leading to the death chamber and the other to freedom. He is only allowed to key in "one question" to only "one of the computers" and by this one question, he must establish the door to freedom or face execution.

Give it a go

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